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Planning our communities

Community area structure plans

A Community Area Structure Plan (CASP) is a statutory policy document that Council adopts to provide direction on the future land use, transportation network, infrastructure and servicing concepts for a designated plan area.

The first of the five stages in the planning process in Airdrie. A CASP is required prior to the redesignation of rural, greenfield and/or urban holding lands for large-scale urban development. 

In Airdrie, a CASP is required to follow policy direction outlined in the Airdrie City Plan and the AirdrieONE Sustainability Plan.

The City of Airdrie requires a CASP to be adopted by Council prior to the adoption of a Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP), land use designation or subdivision approval in newly developing areas.

Administration has prepared a Preparation Guideline (PDF) for CASP applications. This is being updated to include new plans and policies under as shown in the DRAFT Updated Preparation GuidelineS (PDF). The CASP Application ForM (PDF) contains the initial application requirements for the submission of an applicaton for a CASP. 

Neighbourhood structure plans

A Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) is a required land use concept plan that must be prepared by a developer for any large undeveloped parcel of land generally one quarter section (160 acres) in size or larger that will support approximately 4,000-7,000 people.

The second of five stages in the planning, an NSP guides and directs the specific land use, subdivision and development of the new community. The NSP provides details on the local street networks; the exact location of schools, parks and pathways; the distribution of housing types; architectural themes and the provision of essential services.

Once an NSP has been approved, the lands will be rezoned. Following rezoning, the individual lots are created through subdivision and then construction of the new neighbourhood will commence.

It is a statutory plan requiring City Council approval. These plans must conform to any applicable major area structure plan and provide a detailed level of planning information (land uses, all road and lane locations, types of residential/commercial/industrial development, number of dwelling units, community trail and park development, utility infrastructure and storm water management facilities, density, etc.) to facilitate subsequent zoning and subdivision decisions.

Administration has prepared a PREPARATION GUIDELINE for NSP applications. This is being updated to include new plans and policies under as shown in the DRAFT UPDATED PREPARATION GUIDELINES. The NSP APPLICATION FORM contains the initial application requirements for the submission of an applicaton for an NSP.

Area redevelopment plans

An area redevelopment plan (ARP) is an urban planning designation created by municipalities to facilitate development in an existing neighbourhood or a specific area.

They tend to be created for inner-city areas that are currently redeveloping or are soon to redevelop and community representatives are often invited by municipal planners to contribute to an ARP.

The AirdrieONE Sustainability Plan and the General Municipal Development Plan also influence and guide an ARP.