The City of Airdrie conducts a municipal census each spring. This information is used to assist departments in planning for the needs of Airdrie citizens. Decisions regarding future transportation networks, the locations of schools, parks, utilities and fire protection facilities are based to a large extent on statistics on population growth collected in the municipal census. As well, many of the grants received from the Province are awarded on a per capita basis. A census count ensures that maximum grant funds are received.

Census quality assurance check

The City of Airdrie must also conduct a quality assurance check, as required by law from the Alberta Provincial Government Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Legislative Services staff will be calling or texting residents at random to confirm the address of the dwelling and how many people live in the home starting April 24, 2017.

If you have questions or concerns, please send us a message or call Legislative Services at 403.948.8816.

2017 census - door to door April 20 - May 18

Door to door census collection for any residence that has not responded online began on April 20.  65% of our community has already responded with over 55% responding online - what a great start!

Our census takers will be visiting once a week to collect their census response for a four-week period - go online or respond at the door to avoid a call back.

Residents are asked to count themselves in this year as the 2017 census began Saturday, April 1, 2017. The City of Airdrie receives up to $327 in provincial and federal grants for each resident counted because many grants are based on population counts – the more accurate the count, the more dollars the City receives to provide services citizens need. A pink door hanger with a unique PIN will be placed on every residence door in the city between April 1 and 8. Residents can use the unique PIN in combination with their home address to complete the census online at airdrie.ca. Online entries are automatically entered for a chance to win a Genesis Place family pass. For those who can’t complete it online, census workers will visit homes between April 20 and May 18 to collect the information.

Completing the online census is an easy way for residents to contribute to their community – today and tomorrow.

Click here to complete your census online. 


2016 Census results

The City of Airdrie would like to thank all the residents for their participation in the 2016 Census.  Because of your participation in our online census response collection, we have achieved a 61.4 per cent online response rate - our highest to date!  We have grown by  5.37 per cent and are now a city of 61,842!

Your responses to the census are used in a variety of ways, such as:

- collect grant dollars for programs and services in the City
- attract new business opportunities, and
- get a good snapshot of the people who call Airdrie home.

For more information see our 2016 Census News Release http://www.airdrie.ca/index.cfm?serviceID=1090&ID=439 .


Provincial & Federal data

Alberta Finance also publishes weekly economic reviews which contain economic commentary and statistics on the:

  • overall economy
  • labour market
  • price indices
  • household sector and business sector in Alberta
  • economic indicators for that week

Statistics Canada created an Airdrie community profile based on the 2011 Federal Census results. 2016 Federal Census information is being released in batches as shown on this page.


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