Residential Garbage Collection

Please have your garbage out by 7 a.m. on your day of collection.

Bag/can placement

Garbage needs to be placed on the street, near the curb, one metre away from anything else. Garbage must not be placed on private property (front yards, driveways.) This ensures that our collectors can safely collect your garbage. 


One bag limit

One bag no larger than 90cm x 127cm and no heavier than 55 lbs/25kg can be placed at the curb for collection, as per the Waste Management Bylaw.

This one bag can still be placed in a garbage can at the curb. Sharp items (glass, nails, etc.) must be clearly labelled in a puncture proof container and placed beside your garbage.

Additional bags?

An excess waste tag must be attached. No more than three tagged bags can accompany your regular one per week (maximum of four units of waste total).

Tags can be purchased for $3 each at:

  • Airdrie Co-op
  • Co-op gas bar at Railway Gate
  • London Drugs
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Genesis Place
  • Airdrie City Hall
  • Airdrie Public Library

What belongs in the garbage?

There are many items that unfortunately cannot be recycled or composted. These items must go into the garbage stream.

Tip: Proper use of the green organics and blue recycling carts, and the Recycle Depot will help reduce the need to use the garbage stream.


This is a sample of what belongs in the garbage, not limited to these below items.

  • Diapers / feminine hygiene products
  • cutlery, straws
  • wipes, masks, disposable gloves
  • food related polystyrene (takeout food containers, meat trays)
  • broken ceramics (dishware)
  • non-stretchy plastics (chip bags, pet food bags, candy wrappers)
  • hard plastics with NO #1-7 on them
  • plastic toys (dolls, blow up pools)
  • garden hoses
  • cosmetics
  • multi-material items (paper envelopes lined with bubble wrap)
  • photo paper
  • stickers
  • arts & crafts, school supplies
  • CD's, DVD's (if you aren't able to donate them)
  • Ribbon, bows, tinsel
  • non-electronic holiday decorations
  • Dryer sheets
  • LED light bulbs
  • IV bags, tubing, catheters (double bag)
  • Cigarette butts
  • soil (contained in bag and within weight limit)


If you are looking for a specific item visit our where does it go page


Contact us

Waste & Recycling

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Recycle Depot hours
Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday to Saturday, Sunday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.