Residential garbage collection

Please have your garbage out by 7 a.m. on your day of collection.

On April 3, 2017 we changed from units of waste to bags as per the revised Waste Management Bylaw. One bag no larger than 90cm x 127cm and no heavier than 25kg can be placed at the curb for collection. This one bag can still be placed in a garbage can at the curb. Sharp items (glass, nails, etc.) must be clearly labelled in a puncture proof container and placed beside your garbage.

One bag limit update
From April - June, a two-month grace period was set in order to help residents adapt to the new blue cart program.

In June, the Waste & Recycling department asked the garbage pick-up contractor to begin enforcing the one-bag limit (and single bag requirement) by using “oops” tags to let residents know when they were over the one-bag limit and had not used the “extra bag” tags available for purchase.

Waste & Recycling began to receive feedback that the one-bag limit was causing some confusion. Some residents use a garbage can at the curb and put several smaller bags in the can, thinking that they are in compliance with the bylaw.

In response to feedback received from residents regarding the one-bag limit for residential household waste, the City of Airdrie’s garbage contractor has been asked to use discretion in assessing adherence to the one-bag limit.

The contractor will do a quick visual assessment of the waste left at the curb. If the volume generally meets the size and weight of what is in the bylaw and it is secured in a bag or several bags, it will be collected. Please note that loose and non-bagged material in a garbage can will not be accepted.

Waste & Recycling staff will continue to monitor community response to the rollout of all elements of the blue cart program and the one-bag limit requirement.

Additional bags?

An excess waste tag must be attached. No more than three tagged bags can accompany your regular one per week (maximum of four units of waste total).

Tags can be purchased for $3 each at:


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