Recycle depots

City of Airdrie recycling facilities (including the Airdrie Transfer Site) are subsidized through an environmental fee paid by Airdrie and Rocky View County residents (additional fees apply at the Transfer Site). Business use of our facilities is not permitted as they do not contribute to this funding.

Residents are encouraged to do their part and drop-off recyclable materials at one of the City's facilities:

  1. Eastside Recycle Depot (21 East Lake Hill)
  2. Transfer Site
  3. Westside Recycle Depot (2925 Main Street) Closed May 1, 2017



Westside Recycle Depot Closure

With the start of blue cart collection for single family homes in April and multi-family recycling starting this year as well the volume of recycling at the Westside Recycle Depot has decreased significantly. Due to this the Westside Recycle Depot was closed on May 1, 2017.

Please visit us at the Eastside Recycle Depot located at 21 Eastlake Hill NE


Quick tips for recycling

The following tips are designed to make your recycling experience quick and efficient.

1. Know what items are accepted and how to sort based on facility. 

2. Ensure recyclables are clean and presorted. Some items are made of more than one type of recyclable material, so please ensure each part is placed in the correct bin. It is necessary for each bin to be free of mixed material since we deliver recyclable materials directly to market.

3. Place all items in the appropriate bins. 

4. When using the Westside facility be aware that the slot sizes dictate that product must be broken down. Please have your materials broken down prior to arriving on site. 

Illegal dumping at recycling depots could result in fines of up to $1,000.


Rain barrels

Rain barrels are available for sale year round at the Eastside Recycle Depot. 

Airdrie and Rocky View County residents can purchase rain barrels for $55. The cost for non-residents is $65. Cash or cheque only.

By using rain barrels at home, you can help conserve water and save money. Rain barrels are low maintenance, easy to use and the water collected is chlorine-free with a natural temperature that won't shock plants. Capturing storm water at home also helps reduce the flow of water back to our rivers, reducing the flow of contaminants while supporting flood mitigation efforts. Plus using a rain barrel means that less water needs to be treated, reducing demand on water treatment facilities, which in the end saves us all money.


Contact us

Waste & Recycling

P. 403.948.0246

F. 403.948.8819


Eastside Recycle Depot
21 East Lake Hill
Airdrie, AB T4A 2K3
Transfer site
Seven km west on Highway 567, next to the rodeo grounds.