Seasonal programs


Fall and Winter programs

Christmas tree chipping

Wondering what to do with your tree after Christmas? Drop your tree off to be chipped for free at the Recycle Depot between December 26 and the end of January.

Prior to drop off, please remove all tinsel, lights, decorations and tree bags from trees. Christmas tree drop off is for real trees only. Consider reusing or donating imitation trees and decor.

Christmas Light Strands

Christmas light strands that have light bulbs removed can be dropped off at the Recycle Depot.

Pumpkin Recycling

Please place your Halloween pumpkins into your green cart for recycling. If you do not have a green cart, pumpkin drop off bins will be available at the Recycle Depot for one week after Halloween.


Summer programs (May 1 - Sept 30)

Bike sales

Each year bicycles are recovered from parks and along pathways. The City of Airdrie holds bikes for a minimum of 30 days to give owners an opportunity to reclaim their bikes. If unclaimed, the bikes are brought to the Recycle Depot and offered for sale along with other donated bikes, to Airdrie residents for a nominal fee.

If you are looking for a lost or stolen bike, contact Waste & Recycling Services to see if the City has recovered your bike.

The City does not inspect the bikes recovered nor have any knowledge of, or warrants the condition the bikes are in. Therefore, the bikes are sold “as is” with no liability on the part of the City. Furthermore, the purchaser, by paying the nominal fee, waives any rights or claims against the City and becomes solely responsible for the item purchased.

Grass and leaves bin

Grass clippings and leaves are accepted at the Recycle Depot. Residents may choose to bring grass and leaves that could not fit in their green cart or wait until their next scheduled collection. Note: weather conditions may extend the grass, leaves and branches program, please call to confirm dates.

NO sod, food or pet waste will be accepted.



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