Backyard composting

Composting is a natural recycling process that results in a nutrient-rich soil conditioner. When done correctly, compost doesn't smell, attract unwanted pests or require a lot of work.

Organics such as grass, leaves and plant waste make up approximately 31 per cent of residential waste and food waste makes up another 21 per cent of household garbage. Composting can reduce your waste by over 50 per cent.


Why compost?

You benefit: Odour-causing scraps go to the compost pile instead of staying in household garbage. Soil with added compost holds water better and discourages weeds. Garden/lawns become less dependent on chemicals.

The City benefits: Encouraging residents to recycle food scraps and yard trimmings reduces the garbage that goes to landfills.

The environment benefits: Food and yard waste account for over 50 per cent of garbage from our homes, which makes landfills one of the largest emitters of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.


What you need:

  1. Container: A compost pile can be as simple as a shallow hole in your back yard or you can build or buy a compost bin
  2. Organic matter: BrownsCarbon - newspapers, grass clippings and dead leaves; Greens / Nitrogen - fruit and vegetable scraps
  3. Moisture: The compost pile should feel like a wrung out sponge
  4. Oxygen: To prevent unpleasant odours, turn the compost pile regularly

Compost tools & tips

  • Earth Machine: Can help you learn to compost. The Earth Machine is a pre-manufactured backyard composting unit.
  • City of Airdrie yard waste drop-off: From May 1 - October 31, residents can dispose of grass clippings, branches and leaves at the Airdrie Transfer Site. Sod and pet waste are not accepted. Transfer site fees apply.
  • Grass cycling: The most effective way to deal with grass clippings is to leave them on the lawn. This returns valuable nutrients to your lawn making your lawn healthier, thicker and greener. Grass cycling also saves you time and effort as you no longer have to stop and fill bags with clippings

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