Shredding event

The spring shredding event is back!

The City of Airdrie is hosting a shredding event in conjunction with the London Drugs community clean-up. Super Save will have a shredding truck onsite for residents to have their confedential paper shredded and recycled. This is for residential shredding only and does not include home based businesses.

May 27, 2017

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

London Drugs parking lot - 2781 Main Street SW 110, Airdrie AB T4B 3S6


Shrink your waste

Here's a New Year's resolution you can stick to! Shrink your waste with these helpful tips:

Detox - take the plastics out of your waste’s diet by using only reusable utensils. If you don’t have enough, borrow from a friend or hit up a thrift store.

Lose up to 100 lbs in one day by recycling that broken T.V. and other electronics.

Recharge – by buying rechargeable batteries.

Drink more water in a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

Get rid of the extra baggage- bring your own reusable bags when shopping.

Melt away the junk… mail - sign up for the Canadian Marketing Association’s Do Not Mail service, as well as Canada Post’s Consumer Choice Program to stop receiving junk mail.

Drop pounds quick- by donating your used books to the book shed and borrow new-to-you books from the book shed or library.

Eat more salad that is packed in a leftover glass jar. Or turn glass jars into holders for office or craft supplies.

Lose it online - go paperless and sign up for e-billing and e-communications from Canada Post, your bank and many other service providers.

Stretch - your dollar and shrink your waste by cutting veggies and fruit to make it last longer and buying only what you will eat. Remember to compost the rest.

Consume less- avoid buying individually wrapped items or single serve snack size products.

Run longer – maintain and repair your household appliances to keep them in good working condition and running longer.

Shed clothing to drop your waste size – donate clothing in donations bins.

Sweat the small stuff – avoid individual coffee pods and opt for bulk coffee. Shrink your waste and budget at the same time.

Lift weight – carry a travel mug around with you for coffee on the go or at the office.

Try a body wrap – for your gifts! Reusable gift wrap such as old fabric, scarves and newspaper can shrink your waste significantly.

Try the two minute miracle exercise – take two minutes to replace disposable napkins with cloth ones to shrink your waste.

Remember, it’s good to recycle; it’s better to reuse and it’s best to reduce.


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