Sustainability projects

Sustainability requires us to look at short and long-term implications of our decision-making. It doesn't impose a set of solutions, but requires us to ask different questions before making a decision:

  • Who will be impacted by this decision?
    • Is it fair to all ages and income levels?
  • Who ultimately pays for this decision?
    • Is it fair to current and future taxpayers?
    • Does it create a problem or hazard for our current, future and/or neighbouring residents?
    • Are costs (or waste) off-loaded to someone else?
  • What is the environmental impact of this decision?
    • Does it pollute our natural systems?
    • Does it deplete natural habitat?
  • What is the community impact of this decision?
    • Does it enhance or deplete the community’s quality of life?
    • Is it respectful of the community’s values and shared sense of place?

The City understands that sustainability is very much a way of thinking that begins with raising awareness and integrating sustainability principles into the City’s decision-making process. Essentially, this integration is the main difference between ‘sustainability’ being a catch-phrase versus becoming the habitual way we do things.


Airdrie urban agriculture pilot project

There are many options for integrating local food and urban agriculture into the Airdrie community.

On June 2, 2014, Council approved the Airdrie Urban Agriculture Pilot Project which will include a community orchards initiative and a backyard hens pilot program. Urban beekeeping is to be deferred for two years (2016) to allow staff to focus on implementation and evaluation of the orchard and hens pilot initiatives.


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