Bulk water station

The bulk water station is now operational

The City has one permanent bulk water operating station located at 21 East Lake Hill NE, which operates at a cost of $5 per cubic metre. Access to the bulk water station is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This bulk water station has a 2 and 3 inch Cam-Lock adaptor with a male end. 

Payment method

Pin pad system: Customers need to fill out the Bulk Water Application form and pay a $25 application fee.  Detailed monthly reporting is available upon request and billing will occur monthly.

Additional portable bulk water stations - Closed for the season as of November 3rd.  

The City has 3 seasonal portable bulk water stations placed around the City to supply water for residential, commercial and agricultural use. The portable bulk water stations have a 2, 3 and 4 inch Cam-Lock adaptor with a male end.


  • 24th Street and Baysprings Link SW - Closed as of November 3rd
  • Behind 2466 Ravenswood View SE - Closed as of November 3rd
  • 21 East lake Hill - Future location TBD - Closed as of November 3rd

The location of these sites may change each year based on demands of building or usage.

Please note, the City of Airdrie Waterworks Bylaw B-11/2012 requires all users filling up at a Bulk Water station to have an air gap two times the diameter of the fill pipe.  All hoses and equipment is to be supplied by the user.  Water lines cannot be inserted into the water tank due to risk of contamination.  See diagrams for proper installation.

All stations require users to have a bulk water account and use a pin pad system.

For account or billing enquiries:
P. 403.948.8859
F. 403.948.6567 

For water station maintenance/repairs:
Water Service Department
P. 403.948.8415                                                                                                
F. 403.948.8403


Contact us

Utility Billing Service Centre

P. 403.948.8859

F. 403.948.6567


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