General Design Standards & Construction Specifications

Engineering Services implemented the 2021 General Design Standards and Construction Specifications effective March 2021, along with a summary of revisions. This document acts as an exception to the City of Calgary standard specifications. For specifications not referenced in this document, please refer to the City of Calgary Urban Development Specifications.


All-Weather Access

In cases where asphalt access has not been completed, Engineering Services must approve sites as having all-weather access and fire protection prior to the release of building permits.

Minimum requirements for all-weather access:

  • An engineered road base
  • A stamped and signed letter from a registered Engineer confirming adequate construction of the road base
  • Sidewalks, curb and gutter
  • Approved access points and turn-around room for emergency vehicles
  • An inspection by Engineering Services
  • Roadway maintenance to the City’s satisfaction

Fire protection requirements:

  • All fire hydrants are installed and operational
  • A letter provided from the developer's representative to the Fire Chief stating all hydrants have been inspected and are functioning properly
  • Hydrants must be maintained as operational and will be checked regularly

In cases where all-weather access has been provided but not maintained to the satisfaction of Engineering Services, building inspections will be halted until all issues are addressed.


Shallow Utility Line Assignments

Engineering Services is responsible for reviewing line assignment applications prior to installation of shallow utilities (power, gas, telecommunications).

The City of Airdrie has developed a digital submission process for Utility Line Assignments (ULA’s). Utility Companies can now submit their applications via email. (Effective March 15, 2017)

Any utility work in the City of Airdrie that requires a line assignment approval must now be submitted to:

The application must have:

  • a cover letter with the following information: project name, project number (for billing purposes where applicable) contact name, number and email address
  • a digital file showing the proposed line assignment. This digital file must be a pdf file and cannot be more the 10MB in size.  Line assignment must be referenced to property lines wherever possible. Any pedestals/valves/vaults/etc. must include specific location details.

ULA approvals will be returned electronically to the contact information on the cover letter.


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