Off-Site Levies

Off-site levies are charged for the purpose of reimbursing the City for the capital costs associated with new developments where subdivision of land is required.

Development levies are charged with respect to any proposed development within the city that has not been subject to a previous servicing agreement.

The Off-site Levy Bylaw sets the new development levy rate effective January 18, 2016.

Transportation, wastewater and water are examples of off-site projects that are necessary to provide appropriate off-site services to development areas. All on-site development costs are paid for by the developer.

If you have questions or want to know more about the new rate structure, please visit or contact the Engineering Department 403-948-8835 or via email


Changes to Water/Sewer Connection Fees

Update as of February 10, 2016:

• Council has endorsed the water/sewer connection fee (which is based on water meter sizing) effective January 1, 2016. The former Calgary water/wastewater levy has been discontinued.

• Because lots created in 2015 and earlier had already paid an equivalent Calgary water/wastewater levy in their respective development agreements, there is unlikely to be an immediate impact in terms of collecting this water/sewer connection fee. However, the water/sewer connection fee will be charged to any development where the lot was subdivided/created in 2016 or later. Generally, the City anticipates collecting the first water/sewer connection fee sometime in the second quarter of 2016.

• In terms of which department collects what, the process will be that Building Inspections will collect water/sewer connection fees for residential development, at the time that Building Permits are applied for. Planning will collect water/sewer connection fees for commercial, institutional and industrial development, as part of the Development Agreement (and prior to Development Permit issuance).

• Building Inspections software will be configured to align the collection of water/sewer connection fees with the Building Permit fee process. Part of this work will also include ensuring that the fee is only collected on “new” lots created in 2016 or later.

Waterworks Bylaw B-04/2019

Sewer Bylaw Schedule "A" Amendment December 2018 to Bylaw B-11/2015

If you have questions or want to know more about the new rate structure, please visit or contact Lorne Stevens, Director of Infrastructure, at









 5/8" $510 $570
 3/4" $770 $850
 1.0" $1,290 $1,420
 1.5" $2,570 $2,830
 2.0" $4,110 $4,540
 3.0" $7,710 $8,500
 4.0" $12,860 $14,170
 6.0" $25,720 $28,340

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