Traffic signals

Engineering Services monitors intersections and roadways to ensure traffic signals and pedestrian corridors are installed when required both by volume and feasibility. A warrant procedure is applied to determine the need for new traffic control devices such as traffic signals and pedestrian corridors.

Traffic signal locations are based on the warrant program. When an intersection exceeds certain criteria, the City budgets to have a traffic signal installed based on council approval process. The signal warrant program incorporates characteristics such as geometry, operating parameters, local demographics as well as pedestrian and vehicular volumes. 

Traffic Signal Installations (2016)

  • 8th Street - Prairie Springs Drive and Coopers Link - Completed February 17, 2017
  • 8th Street - Windsong Drive and Coopers Drive - Completed May 31, 2016
  • 8th Street and 40th Avenue - Completed February 24, 2017
  • 8th Street - Windford Drive and Hillcrest Way - Completed February 17, 2017
  • 8th Street and Coopers Boulevard - Scheduled completion date April 2017

Yankee Valley Boulevard Capital Project (2017)

  • Yankee Valley Boulevard and Bayside Boulevard
  • Yankee Valley Boulevard - Bayview Street and Chinook Gate

These traffic signals are scheduled to be completed with the road work construction.  Tentative completion date is October 2017.

New Traffic Signals under the Warrant program (2017)

  • 8th Street - Bayside Boulevard and Railway Gate
  • 8th Street - Channelside Drive and Midtown Gate

These traffic signals are subject to budgetary considerations. If warranted and based on construction tendering process, a schedule will be provided then.


Pedestrian corridor

Airdrie has several pedestrian corridors marked with signs, overhead signals and in-pavement lights. New signalized locations are selected based on yearly warrant studies. The pedestrian corridor warrant considers:

  • The number of pedestrians crossing the road and the number of vehicles they must contend with
  • The type of road being crossed
  • The distance to adjacent protected crossings
  • The suitability of the location for this type of control

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