Notice of development

  • CANALS Permit No. PL1800590, Lot 23, Block 14, Plan 1310331, 18 Canals Court SW, Variance/Relaxation to the maximum allowable encroachment of a deck into the rear yard setback
  • HILLCREST Permit No. PL1800047, Lot 1MR, Block 14, Plan 1513207, 275 Hillcrest Drive SW, Development Permit, Construction of new K-9 school
  • WINDSONG Permit No. PL1800486, Lot 45SR, Block 10, Plan 1510801, 3030 Windsong Boulevard SW, Development Permit, addition of four (4) modular classrooms to Windsong Heights School
  • KING’S HEIGHTS Permit No. PL1800769, Lot 21, Block 10, Plan 0713871, 1284 Kingsland Road SE, Home Based Business, General, Ruffles & Lace Artisan Cakes (baking)
  • SIERRA SPRINGS, Permit No. PL1800724, Lot 2, Block 1, Plan 0010815, 12649 Main Street SW, Accessory Building (garden centre)
  • LUXSTONE, Permit No. PL1800482, Lot 1 Block 1 Plan 9812139, 40 Yankee Valley Boulevard SW, Public Educational Institution (portables addition)

Appeal closes June 1, 2018 Date of decision May 11, 2018

  • KINGSVIEW INDUSTRIAL PARK Permit No. PL1800731, Unit 210, Block 18, Plan 0713053, 210, 2914 Kingsview Boulevard SE, Change of Use, Animal Service, Major (Woofland)
  • THORBURN Permit No. PL1800725, Lot 28MSR, Block 7, Plan 9211539, 1319 Thorburn Drive SE, Change of Use, Child Care, Commercial (Little Steps)
  • KING’S HEIGHTS Permit No. PL1800742, Lot 70, Block 28, Plan 1411632, 157 Kingsmere Cove SE, Variance/Relaxation to the maximum allowable encroachment of a deck into the rear yard setback

Appeal closes May 25, 2018 Date of decision May 4, 2018

Any person who deems they may be affected by the decision of these Development Permits may appeal to the City of Airdrie within 14 days of the date of publication of the notice. Appeal applications are available from the Planning and Development Department at the address below or online at Please note that appeal applications must include an appeal application fee of $150.00.

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