Current opportunities:

  • EOI# 774-2017-CH - IT Hardware/Supply & Install - Printer Supply & Service closes December 07, 2017
  • RFQ# 776-2017-CH - IT Hardware/Supply closes December 08, 2017

 Future opportunities that may be posted in December/January:

  • RFP# 701-2017-MA - Contractor - Annual Concrete Maintenance
  • RFP# 702-2017-MA - Contractor - Annual Paving/Asphalt Repair Maintenance
  • RFP# 726-2017-LH - Patrol & Security Services
  • RFP# 750-2017-AC - Engineering Consultant - Grade Separation (Yankee Valley Boulevard & Main Street)
  • RFP# 752-2017-JM - Park & Open Spaces Design Consultant
  • RFP# 761-2017-JS - Phone System Licensing and Software Renewal and Maintenance
  • RFP# 768-2017-LE - Consultant - Regional Planning
  • RFP# 772-2017-JL - Fire Department - Fire Truck Purchase
  • RFP# 777-2017-CR - Architectural Services - Transit Storage & Maintenance Facility


The City is committed to the acquisition of goods and services at the best value while treating all vendors equitably. The City is committed to creating and maintaining a high level of confidence in its procurement of goods and/or services by ensuring integrity, transparency, accountability, efficiency and consistency in its procurement process. When required, opportunities are fully open and posted on a government website www.purchasingconnection.ca.