Starting a business

With record business and population growth, a supportive business environment, and opportunities large and small, Airdrie is a smart choice for entrepreneurs and businesses.


Business licenses & permits

Visit business licenses & permits for detailed information specific to your business type.

Business licenses

All businesses operating in Airdrie, including home-based, mobile and temporary, require a City of Airdrie business license.

Non-resident businesses (located outside Airdrie) conducting business in Airdrie city limits also require a license.

Planning & building inspections permits

Depending on business type and location, other City of Airdrie permits may be required including:


Home-based businesses

Thinking of starting a business from your home? Visit the home-based business page to learn more about the specific licenses and permits required in Airdrie.


Land & real estate

Need space in Airdrie for your business? To learn more:

Shared office space in Airdrie:


Airdrie offers a very competitive tax environment. The City of Airdrie does not charge a business tax. Visit taxation to learn more or try our Tax Estimator.


Airdrie Business Zone

Visit Airdrie Economic Development's new microsite, Airdrie Business Zone. The microsite will provide online information and advice that is easy to access, clear, relevant, and up to date. It will assist users looking for a “one-stop shop” related to market research and the development of their business plan and model. 

Visit Airdrie Business Zone to:

  • Review the local business climate
  • Discover industry trends
  • Research your potential customers and competitors
  • Uncover local opportunities
  • Evaluate the local workforce
  • Examine the environment
  • Identify land uses
  • Find the best location for your business
  • Identify community facilities, transportation and infrastructure


Water & wastewater

All utilities usage is metered. Businesses are responsible for purchasing water meters from the City of Airdrie (who will supply and install the meter). Meters must be paid for at the same time the building permit is purchased. Visit Utilities for more information.

Industrial Wastewater Monitoring

The industrial monitoring program provides the City of Airdrie a way to monitor, track and document effects of industry on city infrastructure and the environment.

Industrial monitoring staff collect samples from the sanitary/storm systems and analyze them based on parameters set out by City bylaws. These samples may include effluent (wastewater), surface water, storm runoff, soil and air. The data collected will help City of Airdrie staff will work together with local businesses and institutions to understand what course of action can be taken to improve wastewater treatment, minimize the impact to infrastructure, and improve environmental protection practices. For more information, visit Industrial Monitoring.

Garbage collection & recycling

The City of Airdrie only provides garbage and organics collection for single family/duplex residences. Businesses are responsible for making their own arrangements for this service.

Starting October 1, 2021, small businesses may use Airdrie's Recycle Depot as part of a one-year pilot. Register here.

Private local service providers

Additional resources

Electricity and natural gas

Electricity and natural gas are deregulated in Alberta. For a list of retailers, visit the Alberta Government’s Utilities Consumer Advocate site.


A range of telecommunications providers service Airdrie to meet your telephone, wireless, and Internet needs.


Business start-up resources & assistance

We strongly encourage you to visit the business resources section to access the great information and services available from local, provincial and national agencies. Or contact Airdrie Economic Development; we're happy to help.

Start-up resources include: