Sanitary System

The sanitary sewer system is made up of more than 258 kilometres of gravity-fed and pressurized main lines. The main lines transport sewage to one of the 6 lift stations. The City of Airdrie pre-treats sewage with nutrients to eliminate sulfides before pumping the sewage back to the City of Calgary treatment plant. Once the sewage is treated by the City of Calgary it is released back into the Bow River.


Residential Sewer Back-ups

Residents are responsible to ensure their wastewater flows freely to the sewer main into the City of Airdrie sanitary system. If you are experiencing a sewer back-up in your residence:

Call a plumber. 

The plumber will come to your home and check your sanitary service and clear any blockages. The City of Airdrie cannot recommend specific plumbers. 
PLEASE NOTE: If the plumber suspects that the backup is due to a structural failure on public property, the City will require a CCTV video to be submitted for review. It is recommended you request a video from the plumber.

Call Water Services. 

City Staff will go to your property and check the City sewer main pipes to ensure they are flowing. 

Quick Facts

  • There are three force main sewer lines and two main lift stations that pump an average of 15 million litres of sewage to the city of Calgary every day
  • Four smaller lift stations pump sewage over hills, under railroad tracks and under highways to one of our main lift stations to be pumped back to Calgary
  • The City of Airdrie maintains over 258 kilometres of sanitary lines by inspecting and flushing the lines with specialized underground cameras and high pressure flushing trucks
  • 2,511 sanitary manholes across the City provide access for inspections and flushing
  • Most toilets flush in the key of E flat

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