Labour market

With Airdrie's close proximity to Calgary, the majority of residents commute to Calgary. However, as more quality employment opportunities become available in Airdrie, an increasing number of residents are taking advantage of working close to home.


Airdrie residents' place of employment

Source: City of Airdrie Civic Census, 2017


Airdrie residents' type of occupation

*Includes: Mining, Oil and Gas Drilling, Logging, Forestry, Agriculture, Horticultural, Fishing, Trapping
** Total respondents 31,300 (does not include retired, unable to work and prefer not to answer)

Source: City of Airdrie Civic Census, 2017


Airdrie employment projections

Source: Airdrie Comprehensive Growth Strategy, 2008


Unemployment rate

Alberta consistently reports some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. The current rate is 6.4 per cent (January 2019).


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