Environmental industries

We believe the time is right to build environmentally-responsible and environmentally-focused businesses. With several local businesses having gained national and international recognition for their success, Airdrie is well-poised to take advantage of the movement to develop new environmental technologies, products and services.

Airdrie is home to a number of companies that focus on environmental services. These businesses are not only recognized provincially, but nationally and internationally as well. Airdrie sees great potential in building a critical mass in this emerging sector.

Alberta's environmental industries are at the forefront of developing new environmental technologies, products and services. Driven by the need to reduce pollution, develop cleaner production processes and ensure the long-term preservation of our environment, the province now boasts Canada's third-largest concentration of environmental companies.

There are currently 1,330 Alberta companies, employing almost 26,000 people, developing solutions for climate change and energy-efficiency, recycling and waste management, and remediation and water treatment. Together, they generate more than $3.5 billion in revenues annually.


Why environmental businesses should choose Airdrie

  • Business success: Several local businesses have led the way and proven the potential of environmental businesses. This includes Vitreous Glass, eCycle Solutions and Newalta.
  • Strong municipal support: The City of Airdrie has long been a leader in Alberta in the environmental arena:
    • First community in Alberta to pilot a construction waste recycling project
    • One of the first cities in Alberta to implement a two-bag residential garbage limit
    • Proven commitment to a sustainable future through the AirdrieONE initiative
  • Unprecedented provincial support: In 2008, the Alberta Government announced it Climate Change Strategy, which included the largest single global commitment to advance carbon capture and storage projects.

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