Environmental industries success story

Vitreous Glass Inc.

Sector: Environmental Industries
Established in Airdrie: 1995
Photo (courtesy of airdrielife):  Darcy Forbes, Manager, and Owner Pat Cashion

Vitreous Glass Inc. opened in Airdrie in 1995, and annually collects 90,000 tonnes of post-consumer waste glass from Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The glass is cleaned, crushed and sold to three fibreglass insulation manufacturers who use it as a raw material in their production facilities. These Alberta based firms produce all of the fibreglass building insulation made in Western Canada.

Vitreous' process results in their clients using less energy to reheat the waste glass compared to using conventional raw materials, which ultimately reduces overall manufacturing costs.

Pat Cashion, President of Vitreous Glass Inc., says his staff know they're making an environmental change for the better. "We chose this community because of the accessibility to both Calgary and Edmonton and its proximity to the Trans-Canada Highway," says Cashion. "The City's administration is very well run, very accessible and there is an obvious culture of efficiency and customer service."


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