Airdrie Youth Strategy

A youth strategy is a policy document that guides a municipality towards greater youth friendliness. It provides a framework to engage youth in their community in ways that result in lasting relationships.

Airdrie's Youth Strategy looks at the services we currently offer and identifies how they can be adapted to:

  • Ensure youth feel they have ownership in their community
  • Engage and empower youth in the decisions made around them
  • Allow youth to address some of the problems they face
  • Ensure youth feel welcome and appreciated wherever they are in Airdrie
  • Assist youth in enhancing their developmental assets

The Youth Strategy also demonstrates that:

  • Youth are viewed as a resource, not a liability
  • Working with youth provides unique possibilities and challenges
  • The entire community is responsible for fostering a positive environment for youth
  • Youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but can also be the leaders of today

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