Accessing property information

There are a number of records that can be released under certain circumstances. Some examples include:
Building permit information & related documentation Written permission is required from the registered
property owner.
Tax & utility account information Written permission is required from the registered property owner.
Assessment roll information The assessment roll is made available for inspection at City Hall. Please note that it can only be viewed.
Drawings & plans These documents can be viewed but are copyrighted and cannot be copied unless you have written permission from the company/person that created them. If the drawings are hand drawn and do not have a copyright, the document belongs to the person who created the drawings and their written permission is required. While the City can advise you of the name of the company you need to contact, it is the requestor’s responsibility to obtain the required permission.
Contact information for residents (i.e. for service of documents, collection of debt or other legal matters) Under the FOIP Act this information can only be disclosed if another piece of legislation* provides for it. The City of Airdrie is only permitted to release information for the purpose for which it was collected (i.e. administering utility accounts or licensing program). The information is not collected for the examples given and, therefore, the City is prohibited by the Act in providing information to the requestor. Under certain circumstances, address information may be obtained through the Land Titles Office. *Examples of legislation include Maintenance Enforcement Act and Income Tax Act.
Release of cemetery records Disclosure of personal information is an unreasonable invasion of privacy if the individual has been deceased for less than 25 years. Although this can be considered on a case by case basis, the City’s practice is not to release personal information until the 25 year requirement is met.
Information regarding a complainant The City’s practice is to not release the personal information of an individual who files a complaint against another individual unless this information is necessary to resolving the issue. If the name of the complainant is to be released, the individual will be advised prior to having their name disclosed.
Information regarding bylaw infractions The City is unable to advise whether or not an individual or business has been issued a notice or offence ticket regarding the violation of a bylaw. The City can only confirm that bylaws are enforced when individuals and businesses are found to be in non-compliance.
Contract information Contract information can be released to the public but may be released in a severed form. Disclosure harmful to business interests of a third party may be protected.

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