Taxi, ride share and limousine businesses

Each company (broker), driver and vehicle must have all necessary licences to operate a taxi or limousine in the City of Airdrie.

Below is an overview of requirements. For specific regulations, please refer to the Public Conveyance and Vehicle for Hire Bylaw and December 2020 Schedule A Amendment.


Overview of licences

Type of license Fee & Form Duration

Business/Broker licence (choose one):

1. Resident business 




2. Non-Resident business 


Commercial/Industrial Info Sheet

Home-based Info Sheet



Info Sheet

Valid for one year
(expires midnight March 31)

Home Business Development Permit

(for City of Airdrie home-based businesses)

Minor or Major Permanent approval in most cases
Taxi licence $56 per vehicle
Valid for one year
(expires midnight, March 31)
Driver / chauffeur licence

$56 per driver


Valid for one year
(expires midnight, March 31)

Business/Broker licence

All businesses operating in Airdrie must have a valid City of Airdrie business licence. Businesses operating from a home located in Airdrie may also need to apply for a Home Business Development Permit. Non-resident (outside Airdrie city limits) businesses operating in Airdrie must apply for a Non Resident Business Licence. Each individual or company owning and operating a business that provides taxi or limousine service must obtain a Broker’s Licence. The application includes information about all vehicles and drivers.

Home Business

Taxi businesses being operated out of a home in Airdrie may be required to apply for a Home Business Development Permit.

Taxi licence

Each vehicle operating as a taxi or limousine must be licenced. This includes:

  • Name of registered owner and proof of registration
  • Proof of insurance
  • Mechanical fitness report
  • Proof of Taximeter
  • Proof of Taxi License Fee

Driver license

Each taxi or limousine driver must have an approved Driver License form the City of Airdrie. This includes submitting copies of:

  • Provincial driver’s license
  • Driver’s abstract (no older than 30 days)
  • Criminal records check (within six months of application)
  • Canadian birth certificate, Canadian citizenship, or original Landed Immigrant papers
  • Work permit (if required)

Mechanical inspection

Each vehicle must have passed the Enhanced Livery Vehicle Inspection Standards (ELVIS) inspection from a certified garage. A copy of the standards book is available upon request.

Locally Certified Garages Address

Auto Team Services


321, 143 East Lake Blvd NE

Canadian Tire

300, 202 Veterans Blvd NE

Dandy Auto Marine RV


2B, 4 East Lake Ave NE

Precision Motor Worx Ltd.


9, 25 East Lake Circle NE
Scenic View Motors
1, 91 East Lake Cr NE
W&B Automotive Repair

524 Centre Ave NE

Please contact the garage of your choice to set up a time for your inspection. Please be advised that the cost of the inspection is up to the discretion of the garage.


Taximeter & fares

Each taxi must be equipped with a Taximeter properly sealed and calibrated. The City of Airdrie will seal and calibrate the meter. Please call 403.948.8800 ext. 7892 to set up an appointment.

Fares must be in accordance with Schedule “B” found in the Public Conveyance and Vehicle for Hire Bylaw


Application process

How to apply

You must apply in person, by appointment only:

  • Municipal Police Building 2 Highland Park Way NE, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Payment type accepted: Cash (in person only), cheque, Visa, MasterCard or Debit


Forms can be downloaded from this page or hard copies are available for pick up at the Municipal Police Building.

Processing time

We strive to process licences quickly. Most taxi licences are processed in ten to 14 working days. However, if your business requires other permits, this process could take longer and is subject to the processing times of other permitting departments and agencies.


Other requirements

Please see the Public Conveyance and Vehicle for Hire Bylaw for a complete list of definitions, requirements, penalties, appeal processes and more.


Planning & building inspections permits

Depending on the location of your business, other City of Airdrie permits may be required including:

  • Planning approvals (tenancy, development, sign and home business development permit)
  • Building inspections approvals (building and occupancy permits, fire inspection

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