Office in the home checklist

  • Obtain a City of Airdrie Home-based business license ($100, renewable annually in January).

  • Structural alterations to your residence are not permitted for the purpose of operating a Home Business. Please contact the Planning Department to discuss any proposed alterations to your home for business purposes. 

  • Contact Revenue Canada to determine if you require a business number, GST account or payroll account.
  • Contact Service Alberta Corporate Registries to determine if you need to register your business/trade name and if you are going to formally operate your business as a sole proprietor, partnership or incorporate it. Visit Service Alberta or contact Airdrie Registry.
  • If you will be accepting pre-payment for services, you may require provincial licensing. Visit Service Alberta for more information.

If you move to a new residence in Airdrie or the nature of your home based office changes to include, for example, client visits at the home, deliveries to your residence, or storing or making products in your home, please contact the City of Airdrie as your 'business type' may have changed.


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