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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, inspectors will not be performing inspections in occupied homes.

Building Inspections is now offering virtual inspections. Please contact us at 403.948.8832 to find out if your project qualifies. 

Please visit www.airdrie.ca/covid to stay up-to-date on the latest local information. 

Beware: Protect yourself from renovation scams. If you are thinking about making home renovations or developing your basement, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!

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Building Inspections

Building inspections

Building Inspections provides quality inspection services to permit applicants, owners and occupants of new and renovated buildings to ensure they are constructed to meet or exceed the Alberta Building Code and related regulations.

The department is responsible for administering the Safety Codes Act under the direction of provincial legislation. Some of these services include examining plans, issuing permits and performing inspections for new construction and renovations in the City of Airdrie. The Safety Codes Act requires that all contractors and homeowners in Alberta obtain permits prior to commencing work on buildings covered by the Alberta Building Code or work governed by the Canadian Electrical Code, the National Gas Code or the National Plumbing Code, thus being the code of the day.

The cost of the permits required is outlined in the permit fees bylaw.

You will require a permit and an inspection from Building Inspections if you are looking to complete any of the work listed below. 

*Please note: The permit list below is not all inclusive. If you are planning to work on your property, adding to or altering any system on a property, please contact Building Inspections to find out if a permit is required.


Work requiring permits

An Accessory Permit is required for the following types of work: 

Residential new construction

  • Build a new home (single family, duplex or townhouse)
Commercial (institutional, industrial or multi-family)
  • New construction
  • Alteration to an existing commercial building, electrical wiring, plumbing or gas and related equipment
  • Occupancy of an existing building
  • Change of use or intensity of use of an existing building
  • Demolition of an existing building
  • Cross Connection Control

Why is a permit important?

Getting a permit is far more important than most people think. Most people know the consequences of not getting your permit but the benefits to your safety and peace of mind are even more important. 

Adding to your home
Getting a permit when you are building a deck, shed, garage, installing a hot tub or finishing your basement comes with many benefits:

  • Helps protect your personal safety and your family‚Äôs safety by ensuring it meets safety standards
  • It costs less to get it up front. If you need to get a permit after the building has been done, the cost is double. And possibly more if you need to remove drywall so inspectors can see the wiring, plumbing etc.

Selling a home
When you prepare to sell your home, the Realtor is likely to ask for permits for finished basements, hot tubs, sheds etc. Or, at a minimum, the Realtor will make the buyer sign a waiver. If you need to get the permits in order to sell your house, the cost will be double and possibly more if you need to remove drywall so inspectors can see the wiring, plumbing etc.

Buying a home
Buyer beware! Make sure you ask for permits on the home you are looking to buy. If you purchase it and then need to get permits, you will end up paying the double cost.

Get your building permit to ensure your safety and avoid added costs later on. 


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