Safety tips for babysitters

As a babysitter, you are responsible for both the children and the property of your employer. Below are some tips to keep everyone safe.


When you arrive, ask for:

  • the parents to help you complete a Babysitter emergency instruction sheet
  • the address
  • phone number where to contact your employer
  • emergency numbers such as Poison Control and Health Link
  • a tour of the house, taking mental note of two exits from each room
  • how the door locks and window latches operate
  • if the family has a fire escape plan and if the children have practiced it
  • where the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are, and if the children know what to do when they hear them

Once the parents leave:

  • check all windows and doors are locked
  • make sure the stove and oven are shut off
  • look around the house and ensure there are no active sources of open flame, such as lit cigarettes or burning candles
  • check for any objects lying around the residence that are unsafe and within the child’s reach
  • cook only if you have permission and only if you can do it safely
  • make sure you know what can and can’t be placed in a microwave (YES: paper, glass and microwave proof dishes. NO: metals and aluminium foil)
  • do not open the door for anyone unless you know him or her. If someone insists on coming in and you do not recognize them call 911

If you notice a gas leak:

  • do not turn on or off any lights or electrical appliances
  • get out of the house
  • call 911 from a safe place

If you notice smoke or fire:

  • shout FIRE
  • get the children. Do not waste time getting them dressed. Wrap them in a blanket, if possible
  • get down close to the floor, where there will be fresh air, better visibility and less smoke
  • close all doors as you leave
  • if clothes catch on fire STOP, DROP & ROLL on the floor to smother the flames
  • call 911 from a safe place
  • never go back into a burning building

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