Fire safety & injury prevention

The Airdrie Fire Department encourages you to educate yourself on fire safety so that you can protect the well-being of your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours on a daily basis. There are many ways to be fire smart.



April is Child Fire Safety Month

Teach Children to Be Fire Safe

This month, the Office of the Fire Commissioner is encouraging you to teach your children fire safety.

Develop a home fire escape plan

Plan two ways out of every room. Plan a safe way to the ground from a second storey or higher.Make sure your family knows your meeting place outside your home.Teach children not to hide when they hear the smoke alarm, but to start the escape plan.Remind children never to go back inside until a parent or firefighter says it's "SAFE".

Conduct a home fire drill

Practise your plan your plan by having home fire drill at least twice a year.Children must practise using both exits.If the room is filled with smoke, teach children to crawl to the nearest exit.

Teach your children not to play with matches and lighters

Teach children to tell a grown-up when they find matches and lighters.Keep matches, lighters and other smoking materials high on a shelf or in a locked cupboard.Teach children that matches and lighters are not toys, but for adult use.


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