Get involved

Contributing to a sustainable community means creating lasting environmental, economic and community vitality.

Use your buying power.

  • Support environmentally-responsible businesses and products.
  • Shop locally.

Live healthy. Stay active.

  • Look for ways to be active in everything you do – in your transportation – walking, biking, rollerblading, skateboarding to wherever it is you’d like to go; in your social time – running, skiing, tobogganing, dancing, hiking with friends, coaching or playing sports; in your time at home – shovelling snow, cleaning the house, playing with your family, gardening.

Reduce waste bound for the landfill.

Replace older, water-guzzling fixtures with new, water-saving models.

  • Water-efficient fixtures are designed to use less water while maintaining the same level of performance as older fixtures.Replacing high-flow toilets with new water-saving models (three to six litres per flush) can save a four person home over 81,000L of water per year and up to $200 per year on their utility bill.
  • Check out Airdrie's toilet replacement program for details on how to get a rebate on the purchase of a new water saving toilet.

Catch the rainwater from your roof.

  • Water use increases substantially during the summer months and watering your yard can account for up to 30 per cent of your annual water bill.
  • Using a rain barrel to collect rain flowing from your eaves trough can help by providing a free source of soft, non-chlorinated water that your plants will appreciate. 
  • Rain barrels can be purchased at the Recycling Depot ($55 for Airdrie residents; $65 for non-residents).

Try alternative transportation options.

  • Use the bus, a carpool, your bike or your own two feet to get to work or school, rather than driving in your car alone.
  • Commuting using alternative modes, even a couple times a month, can help improve our air quality, save you money on fuel costs and reduce traffic congestion. 
  • Airdrie Transit has local and Intercity Express (ICE) bus routes and schedules.

Tree Donation

  • If you are interested in donating or transplanting a tree onto City land, contact the City of Airdrie Parks department.

Install energy saving products.

  • Replacing your five most-used standard bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) saves approximately $30 a year. CFLs use up to 75 per cent less energy than conventional bulbs and are built to last for at least five years.
  • Take old fluorescent bulbs to the Recycling Depot to be recycled by the bulb eater.

Sustainability success stories

Are you or someone you know taking action to contribute to a sustainable future for Airdrie? Perhaps you have a tip for saving water or energy, you want to highlight your recycling or community cleanup efforts, or you want to show how you support local businesses or arts and culture in Airdrie. We want to know more about the simple changes you're making as an individual, group or organization. Let us celebrate and share your success on this web page and show others what is possible. Please call the Planning & Sustainability Department at 403.948.8848. to find out how to share your story (up to 250 words, photos welcome).

Read this sustainability story for examples of some successes in Airdrie.


Attend an Environmental Advisory Board meeting

The Environmental Advisory Board meets monthly to advise Council in the design and promotion of practical programs to enhance, protect and conserve Airdrie's environment and to share and celebrate our successes in a way that resonates with residents. The Committee is responsible for providing advice on design and promotion of practical programs in Airdrie with the primary objective of reducing the amount of garbage in the waste stream and development of environmental policies and procedures. The Board also reviews potential projects that could either directly, or indirectly enhance Airdrie's environment.


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