Education programs

The City of Airdrie, Waste and Recycling Services provides schools, homes and community groups with educational opportunities that teach sustainable waste management behaviour that can help reduction and diversion efforts.


Presentations and Resources

Book an in person or live online presentation for schools, businesses, or community groups. Contact the Education Coordinator for more information,

Recycling Presentation- (Kindergarten-Grade 5, can be adapted to all audiences) This presentation covers all aspects of waste in general as well the as, reduction and reuse aspects of waste diversion (the three R’s Reduce-Reuse-Recycle). Lots of interesting information on just what happens to material when it is recycled and what is done with the final material. Information on landfills and how they work is also included to give audiences an idea of why we don’t want material going into the landfill.

Circular Economy- (Grade 5+) This presentation covers more than three R’s (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) and creates a conversation around REconsidering, REfusing, and REdesigning our lives without waste. We focus on want vs. need and consider natural cycles and natural materials to reduce our impact. This interactive presentation has interesting information that makes you think about waste management differently.

We can also incorporate Hazardous Household Waste to this presentation to line up with curriculum needs.


Offline Resources

There are activities available to do pre, post or on their own by request. Contact the City of Airdrie, Education Coordinator for more information; 

Food Waste Reduction  (conversation starters and at home projects),

Talking trash (interview friends and family about waste),

Compost Tea (how to make it and science experiements with it),

Weigh your waste (home waste audit. Learn about what you throw away and how much you throw away),

Eco-art challenge (Assembling an art sculpture/ mural using and considering waste).


More resources:  

The Recycle Council of Alberta, online tools available.   

A plastic bag grab challenge, learn how to reduce plastic waste.

Learn how plastic bags are made and recycled.


Tour Airdrie's Recycling Depot

Waste and Recycling Services provides tours of the Recycle Depot, providing residents with a behind the scenes look at Airdrie's diversion programs.

Contact the education coordinator for more information:

to arrange a presentation or tour for your school, business, camp or community group.

Due to safety reasons, tours are only available when the depot is closed to the public. (Mondays and Tuesdays). Please contact the Education Coordinator for availability. 


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