Tree watering

Below are some suggestions on tree watering.

Newly planted trees:

  • Water well immediately after planting
  • Trees usually take about three growing seasons to become established. Water twice a week for the first season, and then slowly reduce the frequency over the next two years
  • Deep infrequent watering vs shallow frequent watering:
    • Turn your garden hose on to a slow trickle, set it on the root zone (see image below) for an hour or two, moving it around the drip line about every twenty minutes. This will encourage deep roots that will help trees survive even in times of drought

Established trees

  • Should only require water during extended hot and dry periods, usually August or September, and then again in the fall

Fall watering

  • One of the biggest stressors for plants is winter drought; this is especially true in our region because of our drying Chinook winds
  • Watering all of your trees and shrubs well just before the ground freezes is a great way to combat this problem
  • The best time to water is when overnight frost becomes common (typically late September). The ice in the soil will also help to regulate underground temperatures and will be needed when the ground thaws in spring
  • Adding organic mulch over a trees' root zone (i.e. wood chips, compost, mulched leaves) will act as an insulator, reduce moisture loss, and will bio-degrade into the soil to add valuable nutrients next spring


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