Massage therapist practitioners & businesses

Massage therapists operating in Airdrie require special licencing as per the Massage Licence Bylaw. The Bylaw requires all massage therapists to obtain an identification card from the City of Airdrie, in addition to obtaining a resident business licence (home-based or retail location).


Massage therapist licences & permits

Type of License Description Fee & Forms 
Massage therapist practitioner identification card  See below

$75 (initial application fee)

$25 (renewal / replacement fee


Business licence (choose one):



1. Commercial/retail business

Massage therapists operating as either:
a. An owner of a retail business
b. A contractor in an already established retail business




Info Sheet

2. Home-based business

Massage therapists operating from a residential property in Airdrie (includes mobile businesses)





Info Sheet

Home Business Development Permit For home-based businesses only

General & Major



To obtain a photo identification card, massage therapist practitioners must include in their application:

  • Two forms of identification, one which must be government-issued picture ID
  • Original certificate of proficiency, demonstrating that the applicant has completed a minimum of 250 hours training in massage from a recognized school or institute OR proof acceptable to the Licensing Officer that the applicant has a achieved the equivalent of 250 hours training in massage from a recognized school or association (as defined in Schedule B of the bylaw).

Please refer to the Bylaw for complete details and regulations.


Application process

How to apply

You must apply in person at the Municipal Police Building. Please call 403.948.8800 ext. 7137 to make an appointment to apply for an identification card and have a photo taken.

Appointments are available at the Municipal Police Building, 2 Highland Park Way NE, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Payment type accepted: Cash (in person only), cheque, Visa, MasterCard or Debit


Forms can be downloaded from this page, but must be submitted in person at the Municipal Police Building. 

Processing time

We strive to process your licence quickly. Most licences are processed in five to 10 working days. However, if your business requires other permits, this process could take longer and is subject to the processing times of other permitting departments and agencies.

Term of license & renewals

Identification cards and business licenses are valid for one year, from January through December. Renewals are automatically mailed out each January.


Business licences

All massage therapists, with the exception of those defined as an employee of an established massage business, require a City of Airdrie business licence. This pertains to home-based massage businesses, retail business owners, or those contracted to work at an established retail massage business.

Businesses operating from a home located in Airdrie may also need to apply for a Home Business Development Permit.

Follow the application process outlined on the business licences and permits page.


Planning & building inspections permits

Depending on the location of your business, other City of Airdrie permits may be required including:

  • Planning approvals (tenancy, development, sign and change of use permits)
  • Building inspections approvals (building and occupancy permits, fire inspection)

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