Utility collections procedure

If you receive an arrears warning notice (water shut off/tax transfer notice):

  • The City has reserved the right in the Water bylaw No. B-30/2016 to either shut off water service for non-payment, transfer the arrears balance to your property taxes or both.
  • The full arrears must be made in full.
  • Absolutely no extensions will be granted.
  • Payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card directly at City Hall (cheques are not accepted). You may pay online via myAIRDRIE or through your financial institution's online banking system as long as the payment is made by the date and time indicated on the shut off notice.
  • A $25 collection fee will be charged to your next bill.
  • Protect your pipes, appliances and equipment as no further notice will be given prior to disconnection.
  • If your water is disconnected, the full outstanding balance along with a $100 reconnection fee must be paid prior to the service being reconnected.
  • Services will be reconnected by appointment only.  Please allow one to two business days for reconnection.
  • If the arrears balance is not paid to your account in full, the arrears will be transfered to your property tax account and a $50 transfer fee will be charged.
  • Effective Nov. 15, there will be changes to the overdue water billing process. Instead of water being shut off at 55 days past due, the outstanding bill amount plus a $50 penalty will be transferred to your property taxes. The water will remain on.

Billing and notifications

The current billing date is on a Tuesday and payment due dates are consistently 24 days after the billing date on a Friday. There are many steps and reminders a customer receives prior to the water being shut off (54 days past the original billing date).

New overdue water billing process effective Nov. 15.


The utility department is strongly encouraging all customers to sign up for a myAIRDRIE account in order to receive the additional free notifications if a payment is missed. To date, over 10,000 customers have signed up for a myAIRDRIE account, which is about half of the utility accounts within Airdrie.


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