Genesis Place facility rentals

Looking for a great place to host your next meeting, social gathering or special event? Whatever your needs, Genesis Place has a space for you. Select the appropriate Quick Link on the right to view a photo and specific room details.

Rental space Hourly Rates
(GST not included)
Not For Profit Rates
(GST not included)
Rotary community room $54.08 $27.04
1/2 Rotary room $27.04 $13.52
Echo room $21.63 $10.80
multi-purpose room
$32.45 $16.23
Fun Place $43.25 21.63
Mind & Body Studio $43.25 N/A
Dance Studio $43.25 N/A

Full gymnasium

$70.30 N/A
1/2 gymnasium $43.26 N/A
Full field $108.15 N/A
1/3 field $43.26 N/A
2/3 field $70.30 N/A
Airdrie Autobody Boardroom $29.43  $14.72
Multi-purpose Room (arena) $26.98  $13.49

Rental booking process

Please note: we are currently transitioning to a new online facility booking system. Please call us directly at 403.948.8804 ext. 5523 if you would like to request a facility booking.

Insurance requirements (Please note that insurance is not necessary for birthday party bookings)

A scanned PDF copy of the insurance certificate coverage is required from all rental groups with the following coverage:

  • General liability insurance, acceptable to the City of Airdrie, with a minimum of $2 million per occurrence
  • City of Airdrie as additional insured
  • Cross liability clause
  • Insurance must not contain a "participant exclusion"
  • Endorsement for 30 days written notice of material change or cancellation

Contact us

P. 403.948.8804 ext 5523


Genesis Place
800 East Lake Blvd NE
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Monday to Friday
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Saturday, Sunday
7 a.m. - 9 p.m.