Burning barrels

Annexed residents considering a burning barrel? Below are the regulations for an 'Acceptable Burning Barrel' for farm use only.

In certain circumstances, burning barrels and contained burning pits shall be allowed for farm use only, within the City of Airdrie Corporate Limits.

  • Minimum of three (3) metres clearance must be maintained from buildings, property lines or other combustible material when measured from the nearest edge
  • The opening can not exceed one (1) metre in width or diameter when measured between the widest points or outside edges
  • The receptacle must have enclosed sides made from bricks, concrete blocks or heavy gauge metal
  • A spark arrestor mesh screen with openings no larger than 1.25 cm and constructed of expanded metal (or equivalent non-combustible material) must be used to cover the opening

Types of burnable debris applying to farm use only:

  • grass and weeds
  • leaves and tree prunings
  • brush and fallen trees on newly cleared land
  • wood material from the construction or demolition of buildings which does not contain wood preservatives
  • household refuse

Any burning of the above material that will not fit into a burn barrel requires a Burn Permit issued by the Fire Department.


Prohibited debris

Any material that when burned, will result in the release of dense smoke or toxic air contaminants in accordance with statutes and bylaws written to protect and enhance the environment. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • animal cadavers
  • animal manure
  • chemicals and chemical containers
  • combustible material in automobile bodies
  • combustible material in automobiles
  • non-wooden material
  • paints and painting materials
  • pathological waste
  • rubber or plastic, or anything containing or coated with rubber or plastic or similar substances, except rubber or plastic attached to shredded scrap steel
  • tires
  • toxic substances
  • used oilwood or wood products containing substances for the purposes of preserving wood

For more information, refer to the Fire Services Bylaw.

When in doubt, contact the Airdrie Fire Department to see if what you are planning to burn is allowed per the City Bylaw. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $2,500.


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