2014 - Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI)

Bert Church Theatre Renovation

MSI funded: $3,106,900

Total projected cost: $3,640,051

The Bert Church Theatre was the subject of a needs assessment study conducted back in 2004. The study focused on expanding the support spaces within the theatre facility. The spaces particularly deemed in need of upgrade or expansion were the main entrance to the theatre itself, the lobby, public washrooms, box office, dressing rooms and administrative offices. Other spaces listed, conspicuous by their absence, were prop/scene storage and adequate rehearsal space. These specialized support spaces are critical for the efficient operation of a professional performing arts centre and are also required to ensure the comfort level of theatre patrons and provide sufficient service levels to users of the facility. As a result of the 2004 study, a proposal for expansion of the facility was submitted to the City of Airdrie and Rocky View Schools. The proposed plan for expansion never made it to the design stage and the theatre has continued to operate in its original 1984 construction form to date.

Attendance at professional theatre events and facility rental events has grown significantly since 2004. The large crowds that regularly attend theatre events have become increasingly difficult to manage in the limited physical space currently available on-site. In addition, there are also many occasions throughout the year when Bert Church High School and other Rocky View Schools events conflict with the theatre’s seasonal schedule. The support space for all public events currently shared by both Rocky View Schools and the City of Airdrie has not kept pace with the growth of the City's programs. With the population of Airdrie now projected to be over 48,000 by 2014, the demands on community facilities like the Bert Church Theatre are sure to increase even further.

Maintaining the service levels that our theatre patrons have come to expect from the Bert Church Theatre and the City of Airdrie over the past few years grows increasingly difficult with each passing season that we are not able to provide a matching calibre of specialized support spaces that is commonly expected to be found within a professional performing arts centre.

The funds required to proceed with design in 2011 were approved as part of the 2011 capital budget. Funds required for project construction were moved to the 2013 capital budget. Negotiations with Rocky View Schools were completed in late 2011 and the new Theatre Agreement is pending sign-off. Community partner consultations occurred in early 2012, with a huge show of support for the facility expansion. Five key stakeholder organizations have reviewed and endorsed schematic drawings for the project.

One of Council's Strategic Priorities for 2012 identified under sustainable development, was to create new opportunities for arts and culture within Airdrie. This project definitely contributes in the effort to realize that priority. It is further aligned with the AirdrieONE Plan in regards to 'increasing access to art' and 'create distinctive places in Airdrie'. The plan details that Bert Church Theatre be recognized as an important cultural asset and a venue for profiling visual and performing arts, and that the City supports the expansion project and work with the non-profit community to develop opportunities within the facility. The project also contemplates a "public art" installation, for which the public art policy would be utilized to support the acquisition. This further aligns with "what success looks like" in the AirdrieONE Plan, where public art is featured throughout the community. As the Bert Church Theatre is Airdrie's primary performing arts centre, a public art installation would be very complimentary to this use. Many new public facilities in Airdrie are incorporating public art installations and it would make sense to ensure such a centre keeps aligned to this precedent.


Veteran's Fire Station

MSI funded: $3,649,300

Total projected cost: $3,679,300

The 2013 Fire Department Master Plan adopted by City Council, recommended that the current proposed location in the Gateway area be reconsidered in order to optimize intervention times and coverage for the expanding City footprint.

The Master Plan recommended that the NW residential area be addressed in the short term by relocating the proposed third station to the area of Reunion or Williamstown, and the fourth station be considered for the NE as development dictates the need. The NW location would address residential growth while still meeting coverage requirements for the downtown core.


Replace Rescue Truck

MSI funded: $694,000

Total projected cost: $714,000

Call Volume: As AFD sees a continued increase to call volume, it is important to continue to update equipment and rotate vehicles through the fleet based on in-service dates and vehicle replacement schedules. Present AFD apparatus service life is based on a 15-year frontline capacity. The current Rescue will be surplus and sold - anticipated salvage value is approximately $20,000.

Reliability: Unit 2323 has done its job very well over the last 15+ years, however it is becoming increasingly less reliable to operate due to such a long life span. Parts are requiring replacement more often and some are difficult to acquire; for example, a simple alternator or charging system component which failed multiple times this past winter taking the vehicle out of service, took over a week to repair and replace. Normally this job can be completed within one or two days.

Safety: A newer Rescue will meet Transport Canada regulations for the seating of personnel for ROPS (Roll Over Protection Systems) as per section 220 of the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety and Transport Act. The vehicle would also meet other parts of this Act such as 3-point seatbelts for all seated personnel within the motor carriage. A new Rescue will be up-to-date with the latest NFPA and ULC requirements, specifically in safety related areas such as apparatus layout for intended role, vehicle lighting, reflective striping, storage, safety & crash testing requirements, performance requirements, and engine / chassis governances, etc.

Improved design and cabinet storage layout and tool placement configuration (roll out tool trays and lower centre of gravity storage) dramatically improve ergonomics and reduce firefighter muscular injuries and strains while deploying equipment and tools. Ergonomics have become more consistently engineered into apparatus design/function in the last 5 - 10 years to meet changing industry requirements.

Future Growth, Geographical Challenges, & Combination Vehicle: AFD can only expect call volumes and the demands on resources to increase as the City increases in size and population. AFD must deploy, modify, and increase services and resources accordingly, in conjunction with staff models and new facility construction. With Airdrie's unique geographical layout, being divided into 3 separate areas by QEII, and CP rail lines, AFD needs to include "Rescue Specialty Capabilities" into the replacement Rescue. This apparatus will have a primary role as an Urban rescue, and have secondary specialty rescue stabilization and hazardous materials equipment. Such a layout will provide the City with a multi purpose rescue apparatus that can be more easily expanded or configured to increasing response needs while incorporating new technology and ergonomic function.


Chinook Winds Site Development

MSI funded: $538,900

Total project cost: $5,318,701

In 2006, concept plans were prepared for a possible expansion of the Chinook Winds Regional Park (8 ball diamonds). These plans included a location for a west side Parks Operations Building and tree nursery, a skate park, a spray park, an additional parking lot, an off leash park and alternative sanitary treatment (solar aquatics) development. The priorities associated with the park development were undertaken with CSAB in 2008/2009.

The 2008 budget of $1,000,000 included overall planning, design services, construction management costs, grading, import fill, service extensions and parking lot development.

The 2009 budget of $2,606,000 included the Skate park, concession/washrooms, site grading, underground services, the second south parking lot and 2009 construction management, extension to the completed east parking lot, playgrounds, trails and hardscapes, landscaping/environmental.

The 2010 budget of $1,362,000 included associated landscaping and site fixtures, additional parking/access, a second multipurpose court, construction management costs, and Parks building design costs. This will result in the completion of the central recreation elements of the park along with associated pedestrian trails, access and parking.

The design of the Spray Park (est. $450,000) and Concession/washroom ($275,000) building is under way with construction commenced this spring, along with associated landscaping and site fixtures (est. $150,000), and electrical servicing ($100,000). As well, solar options are being explored for site lighting (est. $204,000).

Work for 2012 focused on overall site clean-up and early development of the satellite operations facility. In the initial planning of the site a location was set for a future satellite operations building with a 2012 budget of $2,400,000 for construction. With the development of 23 East Lake Hill this has been scaled back to a secured yard that is serviced to allow future construction of satellite equipment storage and offices. The scaled down site development would include deep servicing, fencing, surfacing for the site(gravel) and access road. The budget for initial stages of the satellite operations facility ($600,000) was deferred to 2013.


2013 - Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI)

Genesis Place - Phase III Twin Arena

MSI funded: $9,826,985

Total project cost: $20,169,610

The Genesis Place development was master planned to be built in a three phase process. Phase I of the facility was designed around improving the existing aquatic area as well as providing the community with additional gymnasium space. Phase II of the project was designed around a multi-purpose field house including an expansion to the fitness area, an indoor 200 meter running track as well a new gymnastics centre. Phase III of the project is two NHL-sized indoor ice rinks. This phase will also include multi-purpose community meeting space within the arena structure.

Information collected from the Community Needs Assessment conducted in 2008 indicated a strong need for ice space. The community is growing and additional recreational facilities seem to be uppermost in the mind of the community. Program registrations using City of Airdrie's current ice facilities are capped and limited due to the availability of ice surfaces.

Two of the three major ice user groups have reached maximum levels for participation to date. Airdrie Skate Club has grown a waiting list of over 150 participants for their programs and Airdrie Minor Hockey has reached its maximum number of participants per team as outlined by Hockey Canada. The provision of additional space will allow the opportunity to participate to an under served area and allow these programs to grow and meet the needs of the community.


2012 - Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI)

RCMP facility purchase & improvements

MSI funded amount: $6,252,615

Total project cost: $10,983,008

A new RCMP building was purchased in 2010, which provides 59,000 square feet of office space with additional parking to accommodate 240 vehicles. The building houses the complete Airdrie detachment, including municipal and rural forces, highway patrol and municipal enforcement. Further, site improvements and tenant improvements are planned to bring the site to full use. Improvements included: a mezzanine floor (adding 28,000 square feet), three stairwells and elevator, parking complete with fencing, and drainage. Tenant improvements included: mechanical and electrical work, cell block, and insulation upgrades as needed.

Plainsmen Arena upgrade & expansion

MSI funded amount: $2,984,602

Total project cost: $3,617,935

The Plainsmen Arena is a landmark facility and has heritage value to the residents of Airdrie and the Airdrie area. It has been serving the community since 1981 and is need of renovations in order for use to continue. The renovation/construction process will entail the complete removal and rebuild of the underlying floor of the ice surface including new piping for the refrigeration system, construction of a building addition to provide adequate dressing room and washroom facilities and, relocation and renovation of the lobby area to bring it to proximity with the parking area and to provide proper traffic flow.

23 East Lake Hill Renovations

MSI funded amount: $1,669,541

Total project cost: $3,400,000


2011 - Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI)

Parks/Public Works facility & fleet bay

MSI funded amount: $1,933,879

Total project cost: $1,933,879

The expanded fleet bays provide: three additional repair bays; two additional 80 foot bays, one of which is designed with a pit to assist in working safely under vehicles. The other 80 foot bay is used as a repair and wash bay. This allows for better facilities to work on City owned vehicles. It is estimated that the expansion meets the requirements of Fleet for approximately a 15 year time-frame, including the accommodation of some anticipated larger fire apparatus that cannot be serviced within the existing facility.

Replacement of Fire Pumper

MSI funded amount: $783,113

Total project cost: $783,113

The new pumper is up to date with the latest safety requirements, especially in the areas of apparatus layout for intended role, vehicle lighting, reflective striping, storage, safety and crash testing requirements, and performance requirements. It is outfitted with a Vehicle Data Recorder box which allows vehicle performance to be downloaded and evaluated.

Yankee Valley Boulevard sound wall

MSI funded amount: $1,149,305

Total project cost: $1,441,627

This project consists of construction of a sound fence along the north side of Yankee Valley Blvd. The project will tie into the existing sound fence near QEII to the CPR tracks and is approximately 1,000 metres in length. The intent would be to match the design of the adjacent QEII concrete sound wall. The sound fence is required to meet the future noise reduction demands as a result of significantly increased traffic volumes on Yankee Valley Blvd (YVB). The YVB interchange anticipated completion date is the fall of 2010. From a sequencing perspective, the sound fence improvement would be compatible with the new highway infrastructure improvements.


2008 - Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI)

Genesis Place Phase II expansion

MSI funded amount: $6,576,885
Total project cost: $31,297,614

The design and development of Phase II has been a community priority since 1999. Groups including: soccer, gymnastics, lacrosse, Rocky View Schools, Airdrie Rotary Club, Alberta Health Services and ARRES are all working together in delivering outcomes that improve quality of life and well-being of Airdrie residents. Funding helped cover design, engineering and construction costs of: twin indoor field houses, a 200-metre running track, multi-purpose rooms, gymnastics facility and completion of administrative support space.


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