Taxation & utilities

Alberta is well-known for its low tax rates and Airdrie is no exception. Airdrie does not have a municipal business tax. Our local tax rates for industrial and commercial properties are more competitive than Calgary and other similar-sized regional communities.

Airdrie businesses benefit from the savings realized from no provincial sales tax, no capital or payroll taxes and no machinery and equipment taxes.


No business tax

Airdrie does not charge a business tax. When compared with municipalities who do charge such a tax, this can save a business thousands of dollars a year.


Property tax & assessment

Airdrie offers a very competitive tax environment. When compared to the total taxes in Calgary and other municipalities, Airdrie offers businesses a very cost-effective alternative.

View Airdrie's current non-residential property tax rate.  Or, use the Tax Estimator to estimate your property taxes.



Airdrie and Alberta offer a reliable network of cost-competitive and high-quality utility services for your business.

Water & wastewater

The City of Airdrie purchases high-quality drinking water from the City of Calgary. Water is pumped from Calgary, stored in reservoirs and is further pumped into Airdrie's underground distribution network. Residential and non-residential customer properties are serviced from this network. The pipeline's capacity will accommodate Airdrie's needs to a population equivalent of approximately 75,000.

Wastewater is returned to the City of Calgary for treatment.

All usage (residential and non-residential) is metered. Businesses are responsible for purchasing water meters from the City of Airdrie (who will supply and install the meter). Meters must be paid for at the same time the building permit is purchased. For current rates and more information, visit Utilities.

Industrial Wastewater Monitoring

The industrial monitoring program provides the City of Airdrie a way to monitor, track and document effects of industry on city infrastructure and the environment.

Industrial monitoring staff collect samples from the sanitary/storm systems and analyze them based on parameters set out by City bylaws. These samples may include effluent (wastewater), surface water, storm runoff, soil and air. The data collected will help City of Airdrie staff will work together with local businesses and institutions to understand what course of action can be taken to improve wastewater treatment, minimize the impact to infrastructure, and improve environmental protection practices. For more information, visit Industrial Monitoring.

Garbage collection & recycling

The City of Airdrie does not supply garbage collection for non-residential customers. Businesses are responsible for making their own arrangements for this service.

Recycling is encouraged within the City of Airdrie however, the current recycling program is for residential customers only. For assistance with your businesses recycling needs, contact:

Local service providers here.

Regional service providers

Electricity & natural gas

Electricity and natural gas are deregulated in Alberta. For a list of retailers, visit the Alberta Government's Utilities Consumer Advocate site.


Airdrie is wired. A range of telecommunications providers service Airdrie to meet your telephone, wireless, and Internet needs.

The City of Airdrie is working together with TELUS to bring their PureFibre™ network to our area. Once complete, homes and businesses in the City will be able to connect to the fibre optic network. Learn more, visit TELUS PureFibre™.


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