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High quality, reliable information is the basis of sound decision making, and knowing what our community looks like is imperative to making decisions that best serve the needs of our residents. To this end, Social Planning has assembled a series of community profiles – informative fact books about the demographic makeup of Airdrie. These community profiles offer comparisons between Airdrie and other communities to understand the similarities and differences between populations. This is vital, since what works for one community may not work in another due to differences in age, gender profiles, etc. 

Currently, comparisons of Airdrie versus CalgaryRed DeerSt. AlbertGrande PrairieLethbridge, and Medicine Hat are available. Further comparisons will be added as they are completed.


Community Needs Assessment

In 2014, the City of Airdrie conducted a Community Needs Assessment. The Assessment was intended to provide an overview of the city’s strengths, and to identify key areas where improvement was needed. The assessment was a valuable resource for community planning and direction. Key areas of the survey included:

  • Community services
  • Community volunteerism
  • My neighbourhood
  • Arts, culture, recreation and sport facilities
  • Opportunities in Airdrie
  • Development or improvement funding

The information from the 2014 Community Needs Assessment has been utilized by the Community Services Advisory Board, Council and staff in planning and budgeting for the community. The information has also been utilized by a number of community partners in planning for their programs and services. 


Youth Needs Assessment

In 2016, the City of Airdrie reached out to the city’s youth (aged 12-24) to understand what they felt was needed to be engaged members of their communities. The youth needs assessment made 10 recommendations:

  • Develop communication and advertising strategies to increase youth awareness of opportunities to participate in community activities and events
  • Establish more opportunities for youth to volunteer in the community
  • Continue to prioritize engagement with youth in the community
  • Invest in creating inclusive opportunities that allow all youth to participate in the community
  • Assess the activities and events currently offered in the community and strategize about to make the more youth oriented
  • Create more opportunities for youth to connect with and receive mentorship from adults
  • Continue to invest in the parks, greenspaces, and the built environment
  • Explore ways to offer more free or low cost activities and events to youth or create a subsidy program that allows youth to recover a portion of the money they invest in activities and events
  • Focus on transit system improvements and establish other ways for youth to commute easily within the community
  • Continue to invest resources in community based research that collects feedback from youth about their needs

The results of the 2017 Youth Needs Assessment formed the foundation of the City’s 2019-2023 Youth Engagement Strategy Framework. 


Domestic Violence Study

In 2016, the City of Airdrie commissioned research seeking to understand the prevalence, perceptions and context of domestic violence in the city and surrounding area. The Airdrie Domestic Violence Study produced four high level recommendations:

  • Develop a plan for a coordinated community response to the issue of domestic violence in Airdrie and Area
  • Develop a plan for a locally-based shelter
  • Enhance affordable housing options
  • Enhance access to locally-based community services

To begin the work of addressing these recommendations, the City worked with community partners to create a Community Domestic Violence Action Plan. Work on implementing the plan is continuing with the assistance of community partners.


Housing Needs Assessment

In 2016, the City of Airdrie conducted a Housing Needs Assessment to understand the housing market in the city, as well as the affordable housing needs and options for residents. The recommendations from this study are grouped into three broad categories:

1. Considerations and Next Steps for the City of Airdrie:

  • Actions Related to Policy, Planning and Regulation
  • Actions Related to Provision of Financial Supports
  • Actions Related to Supporting Research, Education and Advocacy

2. Considerations and Next Steps for Local Housing Providers:

  • Actions Related to Housing Construction and Management
  • Actions Related to Supporting Research, Education and Advocacy
  • Additional Considerations and Next Steps Specific to Airdrie Housing Limited

3. Considerations and Next Steps for Local Community Not-for-Profit Organizations:

  • Actions Related to Provision of Client Services and Supports
  • Actions Related to Supporting Research, Education and Advocacy

The City is currently in the process of examining various options to increase the range of affordable housing options in Airdrie.    


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