*Use of Temporary Signage during the COVID-19 Pandemic

To provide local businesses with more opportunities to advertise modified hours of operations and service levels between now and the end of the year, Planning & Development has lifted some restrictions on temporary signage for the remainder of 2020.

To find out what options are available to your business for temporary signage, please contact Planning & Development at Please note that it may take up to seven days to process your sign permit.

For information on what you will need to apply for your temporary sign permit, please refer to the section below “How do I apply?”


Most signs within the city of Airdrie require a sign Development Permit. The Planning department reviews these applications in accordance with the Land Use Bylaw, which defines the type of sign as well as the requirements for it. Please refer to the Land Use Bylaw signs section for the types of signs, and where and under what conditions they are allowed. For more detailed information, please contact Planning.


Portable and A-Frame signs

A portable sign is a sign that is mounted on a trailer or some other structure that allows the sign to be moved from site to site. The sign is used to display the announcement of special events, sales, or circumstances where a sign is needed for short specified time periods.

An A-Frame sign is a self-supporting local advertising sign, typically A-shaped, which is set on the ground and may or may not have an external supporting structure.

Do I need a permit?

Yes. Portable and A-Frame signs require a valid Development Permit to be approved prior to placing the sign.

*Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, you will be required to submit a $250 Annual Application Fee. A sticker will be provided for you to place on your sign to indicate that you have the proper permit. 

How do I apply?

Complete a portable sign application and include with it:

  • All dimensions of the sign, including height of the sign and the sign structure
  • Area and design of copy
  • Type of construction and finishing to be utilized
  • Method of support
  • Details of sign illumination and/or digital media
  • For a sign containing digital media, the permit must include the name and contact information of a person(s) having access to the technology controls for the sign, who can be contacted 24 hours a day if the sign malfunctions.
  • Site plan showing sign location in relation to property boundaries and buildings
  • Fees required for the permit
  • Land owner authorization if applicable
  • Additional information, such as photos, as necessary
A sign permit is automatically void if construction of the sign has not commenced within one year from the date of issuance of the permit.


  • To view regulations for Portable Signs, please click here.
  • To view regulations for A-Frame Signs, please click here.

Regulations for not-for-profit groups

  • No more than two portable signs will be allowed in the west not-for-profit portable sign corridor and three portable signs will be allowed in the east not-for-profit portable sign corridor
  • No period of vacancy is required for portable sign permits approved in not-for-profit portable sign corridors
  • Portable signs located in a not-for-profit portable sign corridor must be separated by a minimum distance of 30 metres
  • Sign permits issued for portable signs in the not-for-profit sign corridor are valid for a maximum of 14 days

Election signs

Election signs may be placed for longer than the 14 day regulation, prior to the election date. This exception is for election signs only.

Accommodating temporary election signs supports a democratic election process. Election signs must be removed no later than 36 hours after the polls close.

Signs should be placed in areas in such a way they do not create a traffic hazard.


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