New community standards for Airdrie

The Community Standards Bylaw was passed by Airdrie City Council at a regular Council Meeting on Monday, December 17, 2012.

With the growth of the community, Airdrie residents expressed their desire to have some of the City’s existing bylaws changed to address some concerns. The Community Standards Bylaw includes regulations regarding the minimum standards for property maintenance, graffiti, outside storage, ponding water, drainage, waste disposal, recreational vehicles, cleaning of sidewalks, unsightly and untidy conditions, unoccupied buildings, handicapped parking stalls, firearms use, and noise control in one all-encompassing bylaw.

Following public input, the following items were incorporated:

  • allow for RVs, boats, and utility trailers that are not in dilapidated condition, are roadworthy, and are parked within the property, with those visible to the public being on a landscaped pad,
  • remove the permit fee for construction bins and add provision for the bins to be covered,
  • provide for cleanup of graffiti with no penalty being given,
  • introduction of a timeline to deal with stagnant lots with respect to ponding; and
  • confirmation of the provision for 24-hour snow removal.

"The bylaw gives officers a much needed change from the previous outdated bylaws and provides additional tools to allow officers to meet Council’s request to proactively enforce within Airdrie," says Darryl Poburan, Manager Building Inspections, RCMP and Municipal Enforcement.

Sections regarding untidy and unsightly premises, excavation and ponding water, draining, exterior maintenance of buildings and fences, graffiti, unoccupied buildings, sidewalks, handicapped parking stalls, noise control and firearms use will be enforced proactively and on a complaint basis.

Street occupation permits, construction garbage, receptacles placement, recreation vehicles, utility trailers and off highway vehicles are given a grace period, up to April 30, 2013, where officers will issue a warning ticket. After that time, violation tickets will be issued.

Media contact:
Darryl Poburan
Manager, Building Inspections, RCMP & Municipal Enforcement


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