Policies & Plans

The City of Airdrie has put in place policies and plans in order to ensure sustainable growth and development. The contents of these documents contain many factors such as economic, social/cultural and environmental elements that lay the ground work for all development within the city.

There are many types of plans which influence the future of our community. The most important plans which affect city development are the Airdrie City Plan (MDP),  the Sustainability Plan; the Area Structure Plans and Neighbourhood Structure plans. All of these plans need to be consistent with one another, in order for planning processes to run clearly and smoothly.

Statutory Plans

Purpose and process of statutory plans:
Land use planning in Alberta is governed by Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act. The Act provides for four kinds of statutory plans to be prepared by a municipality. These statutory plans are:

  • Municipal Development Plan
  • Intermunicipal Development Plans
  • Area Structure Plans
  • Area Redevelopment Plans

These plans are essentially a guide for a defined area (the entirety of the municipality in the case of the Municipal Development Plan) and a set of policies that function to ensure that the plan is realized.  All statutory plans require public input. The City of Airdrie considers public input to be extremely important to ensure that the vision contained in a statutory plan is one that is shared by the whole community. 

Non-Statutory Plans

Purpose and process of non-statutory plans:
Non-Statutory Plans usually provide the detailed information regarding the design of new neighbourhoods and subdivisions, and are developed within the context of the Airdrie City Plan ( Municipal Development Plan), Intermunicipal Development Plans, and Area Structure Plans.   

Links to the City of Airdrie plans are listed to the right of this web page.



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