2013 business satisfaction survey

June 3, 2013 / For Immediate Release

Airdrie, AB – Airdrie is a good place to do business according to 89 per cent of respondents to the City of Airdrie’s 2013 Business Satisfaction Survey.

“Receiving feedback from our business customers is paramount to Airdrie’s future success,” says Mayor Peter Brown. “I am looking forward to reviewing the results in more detail and addressing the challenges that were identified within the survey.”

Almost one-third (488) of Airdrie’s commercial, industrial and home-based businesses completed the survey conducted by Banister Research & Consulting Inc.

Survey Highlights

  • 89 per cent of respondents said Airdrie is a “good,” “very good” or excellent” place to do business. This number is identical to 2011, the first year the survey was conducted.
  • Quality of life, community growth, location and access to customer bases were listed as the top benefits of doing business in Airdrie.
  • Challenges facing Airdrie businesses include, local regulations and processes, taxes (provincial and local), and the cost and availability of land and space.
  • Looking ahead, businesses are very optimistic:
    • 65 per cent expect demand for their products/services to grow over the next 12 months
    • 45 per cent of industrial/commercial businesses expect to hire over the next 12 months (up from 38 per cent in 2011)
    • 24 per cent of home-based businesses are interested in moving to a storefront location

“The results confirm that Airdrie continues to be a great place to do business,” says Kent Rupert, Economic Development Team Leader. “We want businesses to be successful here and to attract more business to Airdrie. The satisfaction ratings, and the welcoming environment we’re known for, are important factors in sustaining and attracting business.”

The survey also reported some new data: 38 per cent of Airdrie businesses are selling products and services outside of the Calgary region.

“Some people have the perception that Airdrie businesses are small-scale. That’s not the case,” says Rupert. “Airdrie is home to world-class businesses, from home-based businesses to multi-national industrial corporations that have an international presence.”

Businesses were asked to rate their satisfaction with City of Airdrie business-related services including overall customer service, permit and application processes clarity and processing times, and ease of access to information. The majority of businesses reported they were satisfied with City services; however room for improvement was noted in certain areas.

The Economic Development Department will further analyze the results and use them to improve and expand programs for local businesses.

488 licensed Airdrie-based businesses (229 commercial/industrial and 259 home-based) completed the survey by web or telephone in March and April 2013. In 97 per cent of the cases, the business owner or primary manager completed the survey. The survey was conducted by Banister Research & Consulting Inc. and the results are accurate to ±3.8 per cent at the 95 per cent confidence level, (19 times out of 20) giving assurance the results are representative of the population group.

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