Dust control

The dust control program treats rural, gravel roadways with a calcium chloride solution in front of residents' homes in order to minimize the dust created by motor vehicle traffic.

The program usually begins in late May and is completed by mid-June, weather and road conditions permitting.


What we use

The dust control agent is a solution comprised of a 32 per cent calcium chloride, and 68 per cent water. The agent is applied to the gravel roads by tanker trucks with rear mounted spray bars at a rate of 1.5 litres per square metre over the width of the road. If the calcium is still effective from the previous year, the application rate may be reduced.


How we use it

The City of Airdrie provides one dust control application at no charge to rural residents. The application is 100 lineal meters on either side of the driveway, for a total of 200 metres.


Who gets it

To be included in the annual program, the main residence must be within 150 metres of the centre line of the roadway fronting the residence.


Want more or less dust control?

Rural residents may request an increase to the length or number of applications, however, this is at the cost of the resident of $2.21 per metre plus GST.

If a rural resident chooses to opt out of dust program, the request must be made in writing and brought to City Hall. The City will consider the request, however may deem it necessary to apply product for safety reasons.

*Note: Rural residents do not need to apply for calcium unless a custom or extra length application is requested. The City will attempt to accommodate all custom requests but cannot guarantee it.


Purchasing additional dust control

  1. Print and complete the rural road dust control application form.
  2. Bring completed form to City Hall. Payment is required in full prior to application of product to the roadway.
  3. The City continues to consider applications until the completion of the program.

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