Curbside recycling

All materials must be placed in the blue cart loose so that it can be properly sorted at the recycling facility. The exceptions to this rule are:

  • stretchy plastic bags - bundle and bag securely into one bag for recycling
  • shredded paper - put shredded paper into a securely tied transparent bag before placing it in your blue cart

Overfilled carts

Carts that are overfilled or contain large items that prevent the lid of the cart from closing will not be collected.

Excess recycling

The recycling collection trucks are automated and equipped to pick up carts only, not excess recycling around it. If you have excess recycling:

  • Keep extra recyclables until your next collection day, when you can fit them into the cart.
  • Break down and flatten boxes to make more room in the cart.
  • Ask a neighbour if they have space in their carts that you could also use.
  • Bring extra recycling to the Depot


Remember recyclables must be EMPTY, CLEAN and DRY before putting them into your blue cart.

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What materials are accepted in the blue cart?

Newspaper, catalogues and magazines, mixed paper, flyers, envelopes, telephone books and soft cover books, paper coffee cups, fast food cups (un-waxed).

Shredded paper (placed inside a transparent plastic bag)

Boxboard, corrugated cardboard, Tetra Pak (juice/soup boxes)


EMPTY, CLEAN and DRY material before putting it in your blue cart.

Tin food containers
Metal food and beverage containers, aluminum cans, aluminum foil and aluminum foil plates, jar lids, refundable aluminum beverage containers

Plastic containers with the recycling symbols 1-7, excluding polystyrene foam (Styrofoam)

 Plastic bags, wrap and film: all bundled within a single securely tied bag for collection

Glass food containers, refundable glass beverage containers


What happens to our blue cart material?

Recycling collected curbside is taken to Cascades Recovery+ located in Calgary. From there recyclables go to markets all over North America and around the world. Manufacturers take these materials and turn them into new items for consumers and businesses to purchase. Below is a chart that provides an idea of what our recycling could be made into and where the material is marketed:



Collection and placement

Blue carts are collected once weekly year round on the business day following your organics and garbage collection.

Place your blue cart at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Leave a minimum of 1 metre clearance around the entire cart to ensure truck arms are able to access it.

 Place your cart out past any parked vehicles.



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