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Street lights and traffic signals

The Roads department maintains all city-owned signs, such as regulatory, stop, yield and school zone signs.

If you notice that a sign is missing, defaced or damaged, please .

The road to sustainability

The City is retrofitting existing traffic and pedestrian signal displays with new light-emitting diode (LED) technology to save money, enhance traffic safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Compared to conventional incandescent bulbs, LEDs:

  • Use 80 percent less energy, thereby saving money and reducing CO2 emissions
  • Are brighter and more visible under all driving conditions and last five times longer, reducing the risk of traffic signal failure

Street lights

The City has 6,162 street lights along our road network. Street lights are maintained by FortisAlberta. If you notice a light problem please call their customer service team at 403.310.WIRE (9473) or visit Fortis interactive streetlight map to report the issue.

In June 2018, FortisAlberta converted 3,250 (approx.) street lights to LED.

Since the beginning of 2016, the lighting standard for FortisAlberta has changed to LED, including street lights and decorative lights. 2018 LED streetlight conversion (pdf) .

Environmental Impacts

Airdrie will save approx. 1,356,000 kWh/year
Equivalent to:

  • Taking 185 cars off the road
  • Operating 174 homes
  • Planting 39,780 trees per year
  • HPS recycled components
  • Dark Sky Friendly - up light rating is zero

Traffic lights

The Roads department maintains all traffic signals. Please report any issues of timing, lights not working or flashing to Roads at 403.948.8415.

There are two new traffic signals budgeted for 2022. The traffic signals will be located at 40 Avenue & Reynolds Gate and 40 Avenue & Coopers Boulevard. These signals will be part of the approved 40 Avenue roadworks project to expand the arterial road to 6-lanes between Reynolds Gate and 8th Street.