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View and compare your assessment

Due to processing delays at the Province of Alberta Land Titles Office, recent ownership and mailing address changes may not be reflected on the Assessment Notice. If you are affected by this delay and would like to view your property assessment value, please do so using one of the methods listed.

There are several ways to view and compare your property assessment.

Property viewer map
This interactive map allows you to view and compare properties and their features.

Property viewer map

Assessment value search
This tool shows the assessed value of any property in Airdrie. 

Assessment value search tool

When you log into or sign up for myAIRDRIE and link your property, you can view and update the details of your assessment online.

Sign up or log in to myAirdrie

Shift data and sales reports

Assessment questions

After you have compared your new assessment to its previous years' market value and to the assessment of similar neighbouring properties, if you still have questions or concerns, please .