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Special event process and requirements

A special event is an organized one-time or annual event that temporarily restricts typical public access to City of Airdrie property. These guidelines have been developed to assist event organizers in navigating through the permit and safety requirements guided under provincially and federal law when planning a public event on City owned lands.

A Special Event Permit is required to host an event on City property. Please review the following details to see if your event qulifies as a special event and if you require a Special Event Permit.

  • The event occurs on multiple public properties or facilities
  • The requested use for the land or facility is different than the original intended purpose
  • Public use is limited by the duration of the event
  • Has impact on public safety
  • Requires a road closure
  • Estimated attendance of +200 people at any given time
  • Involves the support, approval and/or services of two or more business units of the City of Airdrie

If your event includes any of the above, please complete an application form.


Book your space

To ensure availability, secure your event location and book an outdoor space.


Submit a special event application

The City of Airdrie Special Event Application Form provides all the basic details of your proposed event. Remember to attach your supporting documents like Site Plan, Insurance and Emergency Response Plan in your application.

Submit a special event application


Wait for your application review

We're excited for your event and to ensure it is successful, allow us approximately one month to review an application.

Every special event application submitted is reviewed by a committee of City of Airdrie representatives from all departments who conduct a technical and operational review. Through this review, the City identifies conditions, permits and support that may be required. 


Receive a special event permit

Once the review is complete, the event organizer will be notified and advised of all requirements and conditions that need to be met in order to hold a safe event. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to comply with all relevant laws and regulations. The City requires that conditions are met one month prior to the scheduled event, and then a special event permit is issued.

Application timelines for new and returning events

New events - Applications for outdoor special events will be accepted on an ongoing basis and must be submitted at least 60 days in advance. Any requests made within the 60-day limit may be declined if there is not adequate time to process application.

Returning events - For returning outdoor special events in the following year, the application can be rolled over online at any time once your current event has been completed. Any changes will need to be updated.

Supporting documents

Basic requirements for hosting a special event in the city are a site map, insurance and an emergency response plan (ERP) attached to your special event application.

Event spaces

There are many bookable event spaces in the City of Airdrie. In order to find a suitable venue to host a special event, organizers may want to further research site specific information and rental policies for City of Airdrie locations. Our Parks team and Facilities team will assist in booking your event location.

Safety and security

Safety is a key component to a successful event. To ensure safety and security to the public, safety measures are recommended for secure delivery of the event for the public.

Parking and road closures

For your event, ensure there is sufficient parking for your attendees. Identify your options with spaces close to your event. If you require a road closure, our Event Services Team can assist with the process.

Facilities and infrastructure

Facilities and infrastructure specifications and requirements available at each location.

Activities and services

A variety of activities can be programmed with your event. Listed supports for services and information are available to assist with your event planning.

Event support and resources

We wish to provide important resources, tools and networks for event supports. Building capacity with our event community builds sustainability and stronger success for your event.

Event feedback and follow up

We appreciate receiving feedback on your event! It assists us with making improvements in our processes and supports with building a strong, vibrant and sustainable event community. 

We would like to hear from you! Please fill out your success stories and challenges with your event. 

Submit Event Feedback (PDF)