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Criminal record checks

Anyone requesting a criminal record check who is working or volunteering with the vulnerable sector (children, seniors and vulnerable people) may be required to provide fingerprints if their date of birth and sex are a match to a known offender.

  • Payment can be made by cash, credit card or debit
  • Most record checks for Airdrie residents can be processed the same day. However, if fingerprints are required, a criminal record or adverse information exists or you have lived outside RCMP jurisdiction in the last five years it may take up to one week to process. For Rocky View County residents, it will take approximately two to four weeks to process. This may vary due to volume during peak periods (September, October, May and June).
  • Must have two pieces of government-issued identification, at least one of which must be photo identification
  • Must be a resident within the Airdrie RCMP jurisdiction and provide documented proof of current address (identification, mail, vehicle, registration, etc.)
  • If you’ve previously been fingerprinted as part of the vulnerable sector criminal record check, we highly suggest you make an appointment due to as fingerprinting availability

Fees (for residents of Airdrie ONLY):

  • Employment/Record Suspension: $71
  • Volunteer: $21
  • Student: $36

*Volunteers and students must provide a letter from the organization requesting the criminal record check. This letter:

  • Must be on letterhead
  • Must include the applicant’s name
  • Must specify that they are a volunteer or student (unpaid position or practicum)
  • Must specify type of criminal record check requested: Name Based or Vulnerable Sector
  • Must be signed by the requestor/organization
  • Must be an original

The Airdrie RCMP will not begin the application process without this letter.

Persons who have been convicted of a criminal offence will have to either provide fingerprints or complete a declaration of criminal record (provide charges, disposition, dates and place).