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Filing an assessment complaint

Steps to file an assessment complaint:


Review your property details

All property details can be viewed by contacting the Assessment Department or online.


Ensure the following details are correct:

  • Name, address, and school support
    Contact the Taxation department to correct any account information at 403.948.8856 or 
  • Ensure the 'Property use' correctly describes your property
    • Assessment Class describes what classification your property is categorized as (residential, farmland, non-residential)
    • Property Type is the land and the improvement (building on the land) that creates your assessed value

Contact an Assessor

If you suspect an error, contact the Assessment Department to discuss your concerns with an Assessor.


Filing a complaint

If the Assessment Department is not able to resolve your concern, you have the right to file a formal complaint against your assessment with the Assessment Review Board (ARB).

An assessment complaint is not an appeal for lower taxes.

*If you have filed a complaint, you must pay your taxes by the due date to avoid penalties. Taxes are due at the end of June*

Key dates

The Assessment Review Board Clerk must receive your written complaint no later than the date specified on your notice.

A copy of the Property Assessment Complaint form is available on the Municipal Affairs website.