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City of Airdrie subsidy program for low-income residents

Changes have been made to the City of Airdrie's subsidy program, improving access to services and making transit and recreation affordable for more residents. As of Jan. 1, 2023, the Airdrie Fair Access (AFA) program - formerly the Airdrie Participant Support Program - will provide income-based subsidies to residents through a one-step application process.  

To qualify, applicants must be residents of the City of Airdrie and have a household income that is within 25 per cent of the low income cut-off before taxes (LICO-BT) as defined by Statistics Canada for census metropolitan areas of more than 500,000 people.

With the new program, there are three subsidy levels available, depending on an applicant’s household income and the number of people in their household*. The subsidy levels are as follows:

Level A - 75% Discount

number of people in the household1234567+
Household income $26,620 $33,141 $40,743 $49,467 $56,105 $63,276 $70,449

Level B - 50% Discount

number of people in the household1234567+
Household income $29,282 $36,455 $44,817 $54,413 $61,715 $69,604 $77,494

Level C - 25% Discount

number of people in the household1234567+
Household income $33,276 $41,426 $50,929 $61,833 $70,131 $79,095 $88,061

*A household is all family members living in the same home related by blood, marriage, common-law or adoption (including children). The AFA program assesses eligibility based on the combined income of all adult members of the household.

If an adult is registered in a full-time educational institution, please include proof of enrolment with your application. Independent adults living in the same home, such as roommates, may be considered a separate “household”. The City reserves the right to exercise discretion as to what counts as a household.

Eligible programs and services

Eligible ServiceEligible programs/discounts
Airdrie Transit
  • Transit tickets, passes and cash fares for all routes including ICE trips to Calgary and Hello To Go. Discounted books of tickets and monthly passes can be purchased with your AFA card at City Hall or Genesis Place.
  • ACCESS Airdrie services – A shared ride, curb-to-curb, paratransit service for eligible residents that are unable to use fixed route services. Learn more about the ACCESS Airdrie Program and eligibility guidelines
Genesis Place recreation services/programs
  • Genesis Place drop-in, 10x, monthly, or annual passes and administration fees.
  • Genesis Place aquatics and certification programs including: swimming lessons, Standard First Aid & CPR courses, babysitting courses, all Lifeguard certification programs (Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and NLS), WSI Skills Evaluation, WSI Classroom.
    Not eligible: Private lessons, WSI Online program
  • Genesis Place children and youth programs including: registered programs, day camps and early and late childcare for day camps.
    Not eligible: Regular drop-in or monthly childcare and Kids Connection Preschool
  • Genesis Place adult fitness & wellness programs: registered programs, ACE Maintenance Program, PWR! Moves (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery).
    Not eligible: Personal training
Note: To register for Genesis Place programs online, AFA participants must pay the full program fee at the time of registration, and then contact administration at 403.948.8804 ext. 5550 to arrange for reimbursement.

How to apply

Eligibility is determined based on the combined income of all adult members of the household, and the total number of members in the household. Your total income can be found on your Notice of (Tax) Assessment on line 15000. If the combined total income amounts for all adult household members falls within the eligibility thresholds listed above, you may be eligible for AFA.

Complete the application to the best of your ability. If your application is incomplete, not clearly printed or missing documents, the application process will take longer.

Apply for the Airdrie Fair Access program

Current Airdrie Participant Support Program (APSP) card holders

If you have been approved under the former APSP program and have an active APSP card, you will maintain your membership and can continue to use your card to access eligible subsidies until the end of your term. 

You do not need to reapply for the program until your current term ends or until 2024. 

Your subsidy will be increased from 50% to 75% for the remainder of your term and current cards will be valid until expiry, or until Dec. 31, 2023 (for current subsidy holders with an expiry date in 2024). When your term ends you will need to reapply to the AFA program and your subsidy rate will be determined based on your application and income at that time.