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Airdrie's housing solutions and action plan

Enabling housing diversity in Airdrie

The City’s role in affordable housing is creating an environment where private industry and non-profit organizations can build the types of homes that meet the needs of the local labour force and broader community.

Action items for creating this environment include:

  • Improving zoning efficiency and flexibility by revising zoning and land use policies to accommodate a broader range of housing types in new and established communities
  • Achieve efficiencies in the permitting process
  • Enable more housing in strategic areas with reduced car dependency, including downtown and along transit corridors
  • Accelerate Airdrie’s downtown development incentives, including Community Revitalization Levy projects
  • Fully implement Airdrie’s 2024 – 2030 Affordable Housing Principled Action Plan
  • Facilitate public engagement with Airdrie's residents and stakeholders on appropriate housing solutions

All actions that require legislative steps such as Public Hearings or Amendments to Bylaws will be brought to Committee and Council as per the regular legislated process.

Affordable Housing Principled Action Plan and Housing Incentive Policy

The Affordable Housing Principled Action Plan was passed by Airdrie City Council in June of 2023 and provides clear direction on how City administration will pursue City Council’s stated priority to “offer a full range of integrated below-market housing options that will allow residents to access housing that is achievable on their income". 

View the affordable housing principled action plan (Pdf)

The Affordable Housing Incentive Policy was adopted by City Council Sept. 18, 2023, which supports the creation of affordable housing projects within Airdrie by exempting municipal development permit and building permit fees intended to streamline the construction of much-needed affordable housing units.

View the Affordable Housing Incentive Policy (PDF)

Affordable Housing Reserve fund

In December of 2023, City Council approved the establishment of an Affordable Housing Reserve fund, allocating $750,000 from the 2023 surplus to support critical housing projects. 

Currently, no new affordable housing project applications have been submitted from partner organizations for 2024. The Affordable Housing Reserve fund will be instrumental in bridging that gap, ensuring Airdrie continues to provide housing resources for residents.

View the affordable housing reserve fund report (pdf)

Enabling House Choice Project

City Council has recognized the need for more affordable housing options within the City to help local residents and families. City Council discussed the key recommendations that can begin to immediately address affordable housing needs in Airdrie.