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Vision, mission and values

Our vision

Airdrie is a vibrant, caring community rich in urban amenities and opportunities for everyone. We value a healthy, sustainable environment connecting people and places.

Our mission: 

Create, serve, care. 


Our core values

We commit to the following values in support of our mission, vision and corporate culture.

Open Dialogue

  • Exchange ideas through 

    respectful open dialogue at all levels between and within departments
  • Seek and actively listen to feedback from customers and each other, regardless of position
  • Declare our breakdowns and resolve them with each other directly
  • Listen respectfully to all ideas and ways of thinking
  • Acknowledge all key feelings and be authentic

Collaborative Relationships

  • Work as a team to produce the best outcome for the customer
  • Consider all those affected by a decision in the process
  • Build relationships beyond our borders to create opportunities
  • Embrace our uniqueness, knowing it contributes to a greater whole


  • Engage in learning activities that enhance our core values and competencies
  • Take ownership for our personal and career development
  • Encourage each other in fulfilling our potential
  • Learn from our mistakes


  • Question whether our actions and core services align with the mission and vision
  • Negotiate clear outcomes for work to be done and for the use of resources
  • Hold each other accountable to make decisions and take action in alignment with the vision
  • Take responsibility for our individual roles in the organization’s successes/failures
  • Minimize rules and regulations in favour of guidelines
  • Make decisions at the point of service

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Seek new and improved ways to deliver service to internal and external customers
  • Use roadblocks to stimulate new thinking
  • Turn over the rocks and confront the facts
  • Take responsible risks to achieve our vision/outcomes

Encourage the Heart

  • Encourage healthy life styles and flexible work/life alignment
  • Support each other and our families
  • Work safely
  • Have fun in the workplace
  • Celebrate successes